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iPhone 16 Promises Longer Battery Life with Advanced Energy-Dense Batteries

Apple’s next-gen iPhones set to feature enhanced battery technology and improved durability
July 1, 2024

Exciting developments are on the horizon for Apple enthusiasts as the upcoming iPhone 16 lineup is expected to boast significantly improved battery life. Renowned supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports that Apple is increasing the energy density of the batteries in its next generation of iPhones, allowing them to last longer between charges.

Higher energy density means that these batteries can store more power in the same amount of space, which is great news for users tired of frequent recharges. However, this advancement comes with a challenge: more energy-dense batteries tend to generate more heat. To address this, Apple is encasing the new batteries in stainless steel. This not only helps manage the additional heat but also complies with the European Union's new regulations requiring batteries to be easier to replace.

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