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iPhones to Text via Satellite Soon

Get ready for an exciting update: iPhones are about to gain the ability to send text messages via satellite
June 10, 2024

Apple is expanding its innovative emergency SOS feature to include text messaging capabilities via satellite, ensuring users can stay connected even in areas without cellular signal. Announced at the recent WWDC 2024 keynote, the new "Messages via Satellite" feature will allow iPhone users to send iMessages and SMS when they find themselves without signal coverage.

Much like the existing SOS feature, Messages via Satellite will prompt users to locate a satellite when there is no cellular signal available. An on-screen guide will help users point their phone in the right direction to establish a connection. While Apple has not yet disclosed all the specifics, it seems the service will be free and unrestricted for text messages.

However, sending images will remain off-limits due to the high data requirements. For those using iMessage, end-to-end encryption will still be in place, ensuring privacy even over the satellite connection. It's worth noting that standard SMS texts will not benefit from this encryption, as they are sent in an unencrypted format.

Apple has yet to announce the release date for this new feature or clarify whether it will be limited to specific iPhone models or service plans. As more details emerge, we'll provide updates to keep you informed.

This exciting development reinforces Apple's commitment to enhancing connectivity and safety for its users, especially in remote areas where traditional signal coverage is unreliable. Keep an eye out for more information on how this feature can keep you connected when it matters most.

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