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September 14, 2023 Unveils Innovative Social Learning App

Pioneering AI, launch of social learning app for iOS and Android, coincides with successful closure of funding round

Breaking the silence today, the app encourages accessible education, allowing users to explore a vast array of subjects in multiple languages.

CEO and Co-Founder Christian Byza expressed the significance of this milestone, saying, "Thanks to AI, we can now democratize education on an unprecedented scale. Both of us, growing up in different corners of the world, appreciate the value of equitable access to learning."

Arndt Voges, CTO, and Co-Founder, further emphasized the transformative potential, saying, "We've all experienced moments of feeling unproductive on social media. We aim to be the app that adds value to your life, making learning enjoyable and social."'s app, often likened to a fusion of Duolingo and Wikipedia, leverages AI to craft concise "Curiosities" comprising slides and quizzes generated from user contributions.

The beta phase of the app debuted in March, with users collectively generating over 60,000 "Curiosities" to date. Topics span from History and Physics to Biology and Sports.

Christian Byza commented on the power of AI, stating, "AI is a game-changer, akin to electricity or databases, enabling entirely novel business models. Social learning perfectly exemplifies the potential of this transformative technology."

  • Learn's $3 million Seed round is spearheaded by Blockchange and enjoys backing from Borderless Capital, Vanagon Ventures,, and Power of N. Notable individual investors include LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky and Go1 Founder Andrew Barnes.
  • The team comprises talent from LinkedIn, Stripe, Meta, and Peerspace, and features an endearing octopus mascot, "Lumi."

Cailleach Dé Weingart-Ryan, Partner at Blockchange Ventures, commended's remarkable progress, saying, "The team's achievements are truly remarkable. With users hailing from over 150 countries during their beta phase, they have rapidly evolved into a globally impactful product. This positions them as early leaders in an industry poised for rapid expansion."

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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