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LG Boosts ThinQ Ecosystem with Athom Acquisition

LG has made a strategic move in the smart home sector by acquiring an 80% stake in Athom
July 4, 2024

LG has made a strategic move in the smart home sector by acquiring an 80% stake in Athom, a prominent Dutch company known for its Homey smart home hub. This acquisition marks LG's commitment to enhancing its LG ThinQ platform with Athom’s advanced capabilities in connecting thousands of devices, sensors, and lighting systems.

With plans to complete the full acquisition within three years, LG aims to integrate Athom’s Homey platform seamlessly into its ecosystem. This integration promises to revolutionize home environments, offering customers personalized smart solutions tailored to their preferences.

Athom will retain its operational independence and brand identity under LG’s ownership, with founders Emile Nijssen and Stefan Witkamp continuing in their roles. Established in 2014, Athom has built a strong user base across Europe, expanding into global markets including Australia, Singapore, the United States, and Canada since 2023.

“The acquisition of Athom marks a significant milestone for LG’s AI home strategy,” stated Jung Ki-hyun, Executive Vice President of LG’s Platform Business Center. “By combining our strengths, we aim to expand our ecosystem and integration services, delivering diverse and enriched spatial experiences for our customers.”

Athom’s flagship product, Homey Pro, supports over 50,000 devices and boasts compatibility with various protocols such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, Matter, and Thread. The Homey App Store offers a wide array of apps for managing connected devices from renowned brands like Philips Hue and IKEA, with continuous expansion efforts underway.

This acquisition by LG echoes Samsung’s strategic acquisition of SmartThings in 2014, underscoring the growing importance of integrated smart home solutions in today’s tech landscape. With LG’s ambitious plans and Athom’s innovative technology, the future of smart homes looks set to offer even greater connectivity and convenience worldwide.

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