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LTK Launches Automated Direct Message Tool for Influencers

New feature streamlines shopping experience, converting Instagram comments into sales
June 21, 2024

LTK (formerly and RewardStyle), the influencer shopping app boasting 40 million monthly users, unveiled a new direct message tool designed to enhance creators’ engagement with their followers. The tool, named LTK DM, allows influencers to automatically send preset responses and direct links to their LTK pages when followers comment on their Instagram posts.

Integrated within the LTK app's post section, LTK DM activates when a follower comments “Shop” on an Instagram post. This comment triggers an automatic private message, sending a direct link to the product on the creator’s LTK page, streamlining the shopping process for followers and boosting potential sales for influencers.

This new feature aims to help influencers efficiently convert social media engagement into earnings, saving them the hassle of manually sending shopping links or relying on third-party tools. The tool is now available globally at no extra cost.

LTK has been proactive in enhancing its platform throughout the year. Recent updates include the ability to post 60-second videos showcasing detailed fashion content, and “Shopper Alerts,” which notify users when items drop in price or come back in stock. Additionally, the app has introduced smaller features such as a new products tab, personalized Shopper favorite lists, and a link optimization tool to improve the click-out process for a seamless shopping experience.

With LTK DM, influencers can now manage their social media interactions more effectively, turning casual comments into direct sales opportunities, reinforcing LTK's commitment to providing valuable tools for the influencer community.

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