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August 10, 2023

Meatable's $35M Boost Signals Growth for Lab-Grown Meat Revolution

As Meatable marks a decade since the inception of the first cultivated meat burger, a remarkable journey unfolds

In a groundbreaking stride for the future of sustenance, lab-grown meat pioneer Meatable has seized the spotlight yet again. Fresh from announcing a substantial $35 million infusion of funding, this Dutch innovator is taking the world of cultivated cuisine by storm. As the global appetite for sustainable alternatives intensifies, Meatable's meteoric rise takes center stage, painting a vivid canvas of advancements and collaborations that will shape the very future of our food.

Meatable's ascendancy is intrinsically linked to a pioneering 'code of practice,' a visionary collaboration with the Dutch government, Mosa Meat, and sector representative HollandBIO. The outcome? A groundbreaking path paved towards controlled environment tastings, redefining culinary possibilities. As regulatory landscapes evolve, Meatable's momentous investment heralds an era of reinvigoration, breathing new life into the lab-grown meat sector.

Krijn de Nood, the co-founder and CEO of Meatable, unveiled the transformative forces at play. Our discussion delves into Cellular Agriculture Netherlands, the driving force behind the National Growth Fund plan's implementation. This body assumes responsibility for executing the 'code of practice,' spearheading cultivated meat and seafood tastings. De Nood's insights shine a light on a visionary framework set to revolutionize how we experience and consume sustenance.

CTO Daan Luining's contribution to this milestone harkens back to 2013, serving as a testament to Meatable's commitment to innovation. The ability to create delectable pork sausages within a mere eight days stands as a testament to progress, with Meatable championing a transformative approach that outpaces traditional farming by a staggering 95%.

The culmination of Meatable's ascent is mirrored in its funding journey, a narrative that now totals an impressive $95 million. At the helm of this latest investment is Agronomics, an industry leader, joined by Dutch impact fund Invest-NL, infusing $17 million into the cause. This union is fortified by the unwavering support of existing investors like BlueYard, Bridford, MilkyWay, DSM Venturing, and Taavet Hinrikus, exemplifying a collective commitment to redefining the future of sustenance.

The resounding echoes of today's funding reveal a landscape where innovation meets impact, possibilities are cultivated, and lab-grown meat transcends mere potential to become a tantalizing reality on our plates.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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