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May 18, 2023

Meta launches its paid verification process

Similar to Twitter Blue service, Meta Verified will grant users a blue tick

Meta has launched its paid verification program, Meta Verified, in the UK at £9.99 per month each for Instagram and Facebook. The subscription is aimed at creators and comes with perks like proactive impersonation protection and access to customer support, along with a blue badge for verification.

The company first launched the subscription plan for users in Australia and New Zealand in February. In March, Meta Verified became available for U.S.-based users.

Meta announced its verified program after Elon Musk-owned Twitter re-launched its subscription plan called Twitter Blue, offering paid verification.

In an effort to enhance user experience and address the needs of emerging creators, Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, recently unveiled its Subscription Verification Program. This new initiative, built on valuable feedback from creators, aims to offer an additional layer of authenticity and credibility to user accounts. However, as with any significant change, the program has generated both excitement and controversy within the online community.

It is now possible for users to pay separately for Instagram and Facebook verification under the Subscription Verification Program. In order to qualify for identity verification, individuals must have reached the age of 18, activated two-factor authentication, and submitted a government-issued identification document.

These measures aim to strengthen account security and ensure the credibility of verified While the Subscription Verification Program brings forth commendable features, certain aspects have drawn criticism from specific communities. Notably, the requirement for subscribers to have a display name that matches their government ID has raised concerns among sex workers, trans creators, and privacy advocates. This policy unintentionally compromises the privacy and security of individuals who prefer not to disclose their real names. It is crucial for Meta to consider these valid concerns and explore alternative solutions that safeguard user identities without compromising safety.

As of right now, Meta's guidelines do not allow subscribers to change their usernames, names, or profile photos. However, the company is actively developing tools and strategies that will improve users' control over their personal branding.

This forthcoming update aims to strike a balance between identity verification and individual expression, empowering verified creators to represent themselves more authentically.

Unlike Twitter, Meta has no plans to remove the legacy verification badges granted to notable accounts. The introduction of the Subscription Verification Program means there will be a new verification badge for Meta Verified accounts. However, it's worth noting that there is currently no visual distinction between legacy verification and subscription verification badges.

Meta's Subscription Verification Program aims to strengthen the authenticity and credibility of user accounts on Instagram and Facebook, catering to the needs of emerging creators. While this initiative presents valuable enhancements, concerns surrounding identity disclosure and privacy must be addressed for the program to be truly inclusive. Meta's commitment to providing tools for personal branding customization demonstrates a willingness to adapt and improve. As the program evolves, it is essential for Meta to strike a delicate balance between user security, identity protection, and individual expression, fostering a vibrant and trustworthy online community

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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