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Microsoft AI PC Vision at Build

Microsoft’s Build developer conference kicks off on Tuesday, a prime stage to spotlight its latest AI innovations
May 20, 2024

Microsoft's Build developer conference kicks off on Tuesday, offering the company a prime opportunity to highlight its latest advancements in artificial intelligence. Following high-profile AI events by OpenAI and Google earlier this month, Microsoft is poised to showcase how it plans to integrate AI into its vast Windows ecosystem, tapping into a massive PC user base.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella previously stated that 2024 will see AI become a "first-class part of every PC." This vision is already taking shape with the integration of Copilot, an AI assistant available in the Bing search engine and Office productivity software. At Build, Microsoft will reveal more about embedding AI into Windows and what users can expect from new AI-powered PCs.

This conference follows Google's I/O event, where the tech giant unveiled its powerful Gemini AI model, and OpenAI's announcement of its GPT-4o model. Microsoft, a major investor in OpenAI, uses these models as the foundation for its Copilot technology. The challenge for Microsoft is to maintain its leading position in AI while reviving a sluggish PC market.

Recent industry reports suggest a cautious optimism about the PC market's recovery. Morgan Stanley analyst Erik Woodring remains positive, citing improved demand for notebooks. Gartner's research also indicated a slight increase in PC shipments after a prolonged slump, a trend echoed by Microsoft CFO Amy Hood during the company's recent earnings call.

New AI capabilities could provide a compelling reason for consumers and enterprises to upgrade their PCs. Analysts at Bernstein suggest that while Copilot for Windows might not directly generate revenue, it could boost Windows usage and drive demand for more powerful, higher-priced PCs, ultimately benefiting Microsoft's bottom line.

The next wave of AI PCs will feature neural processing units (NPUs), designed specifically to handle AI tasks, offering capabilities beyond traditional CPUs. Microsoft hasn’t fully detailed what AI PCs will be able to do offline, but similar technologies in devices like Google’s Pixel 8 Pro provide a glimpse into the future with features such as real-time transcription and advanced automation.

Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm are all poised to release new chips that will power these AI-driven tasks. Intel's Lunar Lake chips, Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Elite, and AMD's latest Ryzen Pro are set to debut soon, promising enhanced real-time language translation, automation, and gaming experiences.

Additionally, Microsoft’s focus on Windows on Arm will explore how the operating system runs on Qualcomm chips compared to Intel and AMD versions. Qualcomm has touted the benefits of its Arm-based architecture, including longer battery life and integrated cellular connectivity, despite early limitations in running Windows applications.

Build will also feature sessions like "AI Everywhere," exploring how to accelerate generative AI models on cloud-based devices, and "Azure AI Studio," showing developers how to create their own Copilot chatbots.

With these advancements, Microsoft is not only aiming to fortify its AI leadership but also to invigorate the PC market by making cutting-edge AI accessible to a broader audience. This strategic push positions Microsoft at the forefront of the AI revolution, driving innovation and creating new opportunities for users and developers alike.

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