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December 21, 2023

Microsoft Copilot Hits the Right Notes: AI Chatbot Now Composes Songs with Suno

Prepare to witness the symphony of innovation as Microsoft Copilot, the AI-powered chatbot maestro takes center stage

Imagine unleashing the power of Microsoft Copilot to compose the soundtrack of your day. Well, that's now a reality as Copilot, Microsoft's AI-driven chatbot, joins forces with Suno, the GenAI music app. The result? An innovative collaboration that turns creative prompts into full-fledged songs with just a few clicks.

Microsoft Copilot users can now immerse themselves in a musical journey by entering prompts like "Create a pop song about adventures with your family." Through a seamless integration with Suno, this musical plug-in transforms mere sentences into fully developed songs, complete with lyrics, instrumentals, and even singing voices.

Accessing this musical marvel is a breeze for Copilot users. Simply launch Microsoft Edge, head to, log in with your Microsoft account, and enable the Suno plug-in. Alternatively, click on the Suno logo inviting you to "Make music with Suno." The fusion of Copilot and Suno promises a fresh avenue for creativity, making music creation a delightful experience accessible to all.

Microsoft Bing's blog shares the excitement, stating, "We believe that this partnership will open new horizons for creativity and fun, making music creation accessible to everyone." The roll-out of this experience has already commenced, set to ramp up in the coming weeks, offering users a chance to explore the unlimited possibilities of AI-infused music creation.

This collaboration underscores the growing trend of tech giants and startups investing in GenAI-driven music creation technology. From Google AI lab DeepMind's Lyria to Meta's experiments with AI music generation, the industry is buzzing with innovation. However, as the musical landscape evolves, ethical and legal issues around AI-synthesized music are surfacing.

GenAI algorithms learn from existing music to produce similar effects, raising concerns about consent and compensation for artists. While some GenAI companies argue fair use, the legal landscape remains uncharted. The Grammys have even barred fully AI-generated songs from consideration for awards, highlighting the ongoing debate over usage rights and intellectual property.

Suno, the music app in focus, takes a unique stance. While not revealing the source of its AI training data, it doesn't restrict users from prompts like "in the style of [artist]." As debates around usage rights unfold, Suno attempts to block certain prompts and prevent users from uploading existing song lyrics for covers.

As the legal status of GenAI music remains uncertain, a newly introduced Senate bill aims to provide recourse for artists whose digital likenesses, including musical styles, are used without permission. The courts may soon offer clarity on these complex issues.

In a world where technology meets creativity, Microsoft Copilot's collaboration with Suno marks a crescendo of innovation. As users explore the realms of AI-generated music, the legal harmonies accompanying this evolution will shape the future of creative expression in the digital age. So, let the melodies unfold, echoing the exciting fusion of artificial intelligence and the boundless possibilities of human creativity.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content writer at TechNews180
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