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OpenAI Launches GPT-4o as Competition Intensifies

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, has announced the launch of its latest AI model, GPT-4o, with new audio capabilities
May 15, 2024

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, has announced the launch of its latest AI model, GPT-4o. This new model boasts realistic voice conversation capabilities and the ability to interact seamlessly across text and images, marking another significant step in OpenAI's quest to lead in the evolving AI landscape.

At a livestream event, OpenAI researchers showcased GPT-4o's groundbreaking audio features, allowing users to engage in real-time conversations with ChatGPT without any noticeable delay. Furthermore, users can interrupt ChatGPT while it is speaking, a feature previously challenging for AI voice assistants to execute convincingly.

"This feels like AI from the movies... Talking to a computer has never felt really natural for me; now it does," remarked OpenAI CEO Sam Altman in a blog post.

Facing mounting competition and the need to expand ChatGPT's user base, OpenAI's latest move aims to enhance the user experience and maintain its position as a leader in the AI landscape. The new voice assistant capabilities demonstrated during the livestream event showcased ChatGPT's ability to provide real-time assistance across various tasks.

In one demonstration, ChatGPT utilized its vision and voice capabilities to guide a researcher through solving a math equation on a sheet of paper. Another impressive feature exhibited was GPT-4o's real-time language translation capability.

The demonstrations presented by OpenAI bordered on science fiction, with ChatGPT engaging in playful banter with its interlocutors. Altman's reference to the 2013 film "Her" emphasized the remarkable progress made in AI conversation technology.

OpenAI's Chief Technology Officer, Mira Murati, highlighted that the new model would be offered for free, making it more cost-effective than previous models. Paid users of GPT-4o will enjoy higher capacity limits compared to free users. The GPT-4o model is set to be integrated into ChatGPT over the coming weeks.

In addition to the new model, free ChatGPT users now have access to a "browse" feature, allowing ChatGPT to display up-to-date information from the web. However, OpenAI has no plans to monetize free users through ads.

The announcement comes on the heels of OpenAI's decision to delay the launch of its AI-powered search product, which was originally planned to be unveiled alongside GPT-4o. The delay was confirmed by a source familiar with the matter.

With Alphabet's annual Google developers' conference scheduled for the following day, where new AI-related features are expected to be showcased, OpenAI's latest announcement positions the company at the forefront of AI innovation.

As OpenAI continues to push the boundaries of AI technology, GPT-4o marks another milestone in the company's journey to revolutionize human-computer interaction.

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