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August 14, 2023

OpenAI Makes Custom Instructions Accessible to All Users

OpenAI Unleashes Custom Control: Now All Users, Even Free Tier, Command ChatGPT's Responses

In a significant move towards empowering users with greater command over their AI interactions, OpenAI has recently announced the expansion of its custom instructions feature. This development, initially introduced as a beta for ChatGPT Plus subscribers in July, is now being extended to all users, including those utilizing the free tier of the service. This enhancement provides individuals with the ability to finely tailor their interactions with ChatGPT, thereby streamlining and personalizing the AI chatbot's responses.

The custom instructions feature represents a pivotal advancement in AI user experience. Gone are the days of repeatedly formulating instruction prompts for each interaction with ChatGPT. By harnessing this feature, users can effortlessly integrate their preferences and prerequisites into the AI's responses. For instance, one could easily prompt ChatGPT to adhere to specific character limits, saving valuable time and ensuring consistency. Similarly, the tone and style of responses can be personalized, catering to diverse communication needs.

Imagine a teacher crafting a lesson plan using ChatGPT without the need to continually reiterate their grade level preference. This feature alleviates the necessity for redundant instructions, allowing educators to receive responses that align precisely with their context. Developers, too, can optimize their interactions by seamlessly requesting responses in preferred languages while excluding undesired ones. This dynamic customization underscores OpenAI's commitment to tailoring AI to individualized requirements, a principle vital for effectively serving diverse global users.

OpenAI's journey towards enhanced steerability in AI models has been profoundly informed by insights gleaned from interactions spanning 22 countries. Recognizing the essential role of steerability in accommodating unique needs and diverse contexts, the company remains dedicated to refining its AI models to serve each individual effectively.

Until recently, the custom instructions feature was exclusive to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, who paid a monthly fee of $20. However, this latest announcement democratizes access to the feature, making it available to free and Plus users across iOS and Android platforms. Custom instructions can now be applied even when chat history is turned off, granting users an added layer of flexibility and control. Getting started with custom instructions is a straightforward process: users must navigate to their profile, select "Custom instructions," and begin personalizing their AI interactions.

OpenAI's commitment to expanding the feature's reach is underscored by its forthcoming availability in the European Union and the United Kingdom. This move reinforces the company's dedication to serving a global audience and enhancing the AI experience for users in these regions.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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