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August 30, 2023

OpenAI Unveils ChatGPT Enterprise

Riding ChatGPT's Wave, OpenAI Introduces ChatGPT Enterprise: Tailored for Business

Capitalizing on the resounding success of ChatGPT, OpenAI has unveiled an exciting development: the launch of ChatGPT Enterprise, a tailored edition of their AI-powered chatbot app designed with businesses in mind.

This eagerly anticipated iteration, initially hinted at in an earlier blog post this year, not only inherits the core capabilities of ChatGPT—such as generating emails, composing essays, and troubleshooting code—but goes a step further by introducing "enterprise-grade" privacy features and data analysis functionalities. This enhanced version also promises heightened performance and extensive customization options.

In essence, ChatGPT Enterprise stands on par with its counterpart, Bing Chat Enterprise—an enterprise-centric chatbot service freshly introduced by Microsoft. OpenAI underlines its commitment to delivering an AI assistant for professional environments that adeptly handles diverse tasks, safeguards sensitive company data, and is seamlessly adaptable to the distinct requirements of each organization.

OpenAI's blog post emphasizes that enterprises keen on incorporating ChatGPT Enterprise into their workflow should initiate contact for further information. While precise pricing remains undisclosed, OpenAI assures that it will be determined by individual usage patterns and specific use cases, providing companies with a customized pricing structure that aligns with their needs.

A pivotal feature of ChatGPT Enterprise is its newly introduced admin console, which furnishes organizational leaders with tools to regulate the usage of ChatGPT among their employees. This encompassing control includes integration options for single sign-on, domain verification, and a dashboard offering real-time usage statistics. Furthermore, the introduction of shareable conversation templates empowers employees to establish internal workflows utilizing ChatGPT's capabilities. OpenAI's API platform also grants companies the ability to craft fully tailored solutions powered by ChatGPT.

One standout feature of ChatGPT Enterprise is its unlimited access to Advanced Data Analysis—formerly known as Code Interpreter—a characteristic previously exclusive to ChatGPT Plus subscribers. This feature enables ChatGPT to dissect data, construct charts, solve mathematical problems, and more, even from uploaded files. For instance, when prompted with a query like "Uncover intriguing insights from this dataset," ChatGPT's Advanced Data Analysis adeptly mines through financial, health, or location data to generate meaningful insights.

It's worth noting that ChatGPT Plus, the premium subscription tier for the consumer-focused ChatGPT app, will continue to be available, as OpenAI considers ChatGPT Enterprise to be a complementary offering.

ChatGPT Enterprise is harnessed by GPT-4, OpenAI's flagship AI model, which also powers ChatGPT Plus. However, customers of ChatGPT Enterprise enjoy priority access to GPT-4, affording them twice the speed of the standard GPT-4 model, along with an expanded 32,000-token context window. This context window refers to the preceding text the model takes into account before generating new text, while tokens denote units of raw text.

OpenAI assuages any concerns businesses might have by asserting its commitment to not train models using data shared with ChatGPT Enterprise or any usage-related information. All interactions with ChatGPT Enterprise are encrypted in transit and at rest, underpinning the company's focus on data security.

OpenAI looks forward to unveiling more comprehensive plans for ChatGPT Enterprise, including a ChatGPT Business offering for smaller teams, advanced versions of Advanced Data Analysis, and tools tailored for data analysts, marketers, and customer support professionals. The company welcomes customer feedback as it charts the course for ChatGPT Enterprise's evolution.

As the technology landscape evolves and competition intensifies, ChatGPT Enterprise enters the arena with the promise of reshaping business interactions through cutting-edge AI capabilities. OpenAI's commitment to continuous innovation and customization echoes the demands of modern enterprises seeking intelligent solutions to complex challenges.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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