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February 14, 2024

Otter Introduces GenAI: AI Summaries, Chat, and More

New addition to Otter's suite of AI-powered tools, introduces chatbot ready to answer your questions about past meetings

Otter, the AI-driven meeting assistant renowned for its real-time audio transcriptions, is elevating its capabilities with the launch of Meeting GenAI, a suite of advanced AI tools designed specifically for meetings. Among the enhancements is an AI-powered chatbot, enabling users to retrieve information from past meetings, a team-focused AI chat function, and an AI-generated meeting summary that distills key discussion points, sparing users the need to sift through lengthy transcripts.

While journalists and academics may utilize AI for tasks like recording interviews or lectures, Otter's latest AI features are tailored for corporate environments. Positioned as a counterpart or alternative to AI offerings from platforms such as Microsoft Copilot, Zoom AI Companion, and Google Duet, Otter's new tools aim to streamline meeting productivity and collaboration.

Inspired by CEO Sam Liang's packed schedule—oftentimes with over 30 meetings a week—the introduction of these AI tools reflects a practical response to the demands of modern work dynamics. Users can now access AI-generated summaries of past meetings, complete with action items, or engage with an AI chatbot to query meeting details, like specific remarks or changes in schedules.

While acknowledging the presence of similar AI companions in the market, Liang asserts Otter's version's superiority in both scope and functionality. Otter's AI chat function allows users to delve into their entire meeting history, offering insights beyond just the current discussion. Moreover, Otter's AI chatbot seamlessly integrates into group chats, responding to inquiries and enhancing collaboration.

Looking ahead, Otter aims to further augment user experience by proactively engaging in meetings, leveraging its analysis of ongoing discussions to provide relevant insights. Despite leveraging cloud storage for data security, Otter assures users that their meeting data remains protected and accessible only to authorized individuals. Importantly, Otter's new AI features will be available to users across all plans, including the free and premium tiers, without additional charges, setting it apart from competing services like Microsoft Copilot.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content writer at TechNews180
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