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May 10, 2023

Paysend, TelevisaUnivision and the American Dream

Paysend and TelevisaUnivision sign a strategic partnership deal to revolutionize money transfers for Hispanic Americans

On 9 May 2023, Paysend, a global payments platform, unveiled a strategic partnership with TelevisaUnivision, the world's leading Spanish-language content and media company. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both companies as they strive to simplify and expedite money transfers for the Latin American market.

Countless immigrants move the States to pursue the American Dream: better wages to provide for their families back home. Without certified bank accounts or the right documents, these individuals resort to costly, time-consuming, and unsafe methods of sending remittances. With an estimated 62 million Hispanics residing in the United States, representing a remarkable 20% of the overall population, the U.S./LATAM market has become a key focus for Paysend.

Through this new alliance, TelevisaUnivision will become a shareholder in Paysend and lend its resources and media assets to help the brand expand its presence among American Hispanics and Latinos. The partnership underscores TelevisaUnivision's commitment to empowering its audience by providing the tools they need to sustain relationships with their families and friends abroad.

Founded in 2017 by Abdul M.A. and Ronald Millar, Paysend is committed to promoting financial inclusion through its affordable, and instant card-to-card transfer service. The platform facilitates transfers to over 170 countries, forming its very own global network. Partnerships with Visa, Mastercard, and China Union Pay, help accelerate Paysend’s reach and bring the American dream full circle.

Kriti Swarup
Kriti Swarup
Content Writer at TechNews180
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