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Pixel 8 Pro Breaks Ground as First Android Powered by Google's AI, Gemini

Pixel 8 Pro proudly donning the crown as the inaugural Android smartphone to harness capabilities of Google's AI
By Josefina Dipaolo
December 8, 2023

Get ready for a tech breakthrough! The Pixel 8 Pro is about to redefine the Android game as it becomes the first-ever smartphone to run on Google's groundbreaking AI model, Gemini. Imagine a smarter, more responsive device right in the palm of your hand. Today, Google announces a transformative shift with Gemini Nano, a version of the AI model designed specifically for on-device operations, promising to elevate user experiences with two remarkable features – Summarize in Recorder and Smart Reply in Gboard.

Gemini Nano is not just another AI iteration; it's the epitome of efficiency tailored for smartphones. As of today, it takes the reins in powering an AI summarizer feature in the Recorder app on the Pixel 8 Pro. Now, when you record and transcribe audio, brace yourself for a Gemini-powered summary that distills your conversations, interviews, and presentations with unprecedented precision. The game-changer? You get these summaries even when network signals or Wi-Fi connections are elusive.

But the Gemini Nano revolution doesn't stop there. Soon, Gboard, Google's keyboard app, will welcome a developer preview of Gemini Nano. This feature, known as Smart Reply, aims to predict your next move during messaging conversations. Initially debuting on WhatsApp, Smart Reply will gradually extend its prowess to more apps in 2024. With Gemini Nano at the helm, expect higher-quality responses infused with a new level of conversational awareness.

This transformative feature is already making waves and is available on Pixel 8 Pro devices starting today.

Looking ahead, Gemini's influence is set to ripple through Android devices via Bard. In early 2024, Android users can tap into the full potential of the new Gemini model, even powering Assistant with Bard on Pixel devices. This isn't just an upgrade; it's a significant leap, positioning Google's answer to Siri as a smarter, more capable counterpart, akin to the prowess of ChatGPT.

Beyond the immediate future, the enhanced AI capabilities on devices might sway the tide in favor of Android. Coupled with the recent launch of Beeper, bringing iMessage to Android, users are contemplating a switch to their preferred Android devices. Google's strides in AI, coupled with a suite of features like Magic Editor and Best Take in Google Photos, AI-powered call screening, and more, are solidifying the Pixel phone's status as a true AI-enabled powerhouse.

In the grand scheme of things, the Pixel 8 Pro, fueled by Gemini, is not just a smartphone. It's a testament to the evolving landscape of AI, heralding a new era where devices aren't just smart but intuitive, responsive, and seamlessly integrated into our lives. As we embrace these advancements, the Pixel 8 Pro stands as a beacon of what's possible, leaving us eager to explore the endless possibilities that Gemini and future innovations will unveil.

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