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Remark Transforms Thousands of Experts into AI

Enter Remark, is revolutionizing the shopping experience, instilling confidence in buyers along the way
May 23, 2024

Shopping can be exhilarating, but deciding on the perfect product from a sea of options? Not so much. Luckily, Remark is changing the game.

Founded two years ago, Remark is on a mission to empower shoppers with confidence in their purchases. Theo Satloff, co-founder and CEO, explains that Remark achieves this by connecting shoppers with a diverse array of 50,000 human experts, ranging from artists and musicians to ski instructors and stylists, via an asynchronous live chat.

Here's the twist: Remark not only facilitates conversations with human experts but also leverages artificial intelligence to emulate their expertise. This unique blend ensures that shoppers always have access to knowledgeable guidance, even when experts aren't physically available. Plus, Remark ensures that these experts receive a share of the revenue generated through the platform.

The magic doesn't stop there. Remark's innovative approach allows the 45 brands already on board to harness the expertise of these human and AI personas. This personalized touch extends to blog posts and landing pages, optimizing the shopping experience for individual consumers.

Satloff and his co-founders initially envisioned Remark catering to high-value purchases like skis. However, they quickly realized that shopping, regardless of the price tag, is an emotional journey. Customers were turning to Remark for everything from outdoor gear to baby products to skincare, proving that every purchase, no matter how small, matters.

Currently serving customers in various industries such as outdoor gear, baby products, and beauty, Remark boasts impressive statistics: a 9% revenue increase and a staggering 30% conversion rate. Satloff likens this success to the personalized assistance one receives in a brick-and-mortar store, highlighting the importance of replicating this experience online.

Remark's expert-assisted shopping goes beyond traditional AI-based algorithms, focusing on presale decision support rather than just post-sale customer service. This distinction sets Remark apart, as it prioritizes guiding shoppers through their purchasing journey from start to finish.
With recent seed funding of $10.3 million from prominent investors like Spero Ventures, Stripe VC, and Shine Capital, Remark is poised to continue revolutionizing the way we shop. As Satloff puts it, they're not just leading the charge; they're breaking new ground in reshaping the future of online retail.

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