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Samsung News: Galaxy Ring, Foldables, & More

Samsung introduced an exciting lineup of new products, from health tech to the latest in foldable smartphones
July 11, 2024

Samsung’s much-anticipated Unpacked Event on Wednesday showcased a thrilling array of new products. From innovative health tech to the latest in foldable smartphones, here’s a rundown of everything the tech giant revealed.

Samsung Galaxy Ring

Making its debut into the smart ring market, the Samsung Galaxy Ring is designed to track health metrics such as heart rate and sleep. This sleek wearable is equipped with a variety of sensors and aims to keep users seamlessly connected within Samsung’s ecosystem. Priced at $399, the Galaxy Ring will be available starting July 24.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6

The Galaxy Z Fold6, unveiled at the Paris event, continues Samsung's legacy as a pioneer in foldable phones. This new iteration is thinner and lighter than its predecessor, featuring advanced AI capabilities. The foldable device, which opens like a book to reveal a larger screen, will be available from July 24, starting at $1,899.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6

Also part of the foldable lineup is the Galaxy Z Flip6, which combines the nostalgia of a traditional flip phone with modern technology. When closed, its front cover screen displays essential apps like the calendar and clock. The Z Flip6 is priced at $1,099.

Samsung Galaxy Watch7

The Galaxy Watch7 represents the latest in Samsung’s flagship smartwatch series. It comes with an upgraded processor and enhanced health-tracking features. When paired with the Galaxy Ring, users can access even more detailed health insights. The Watch7 starts at $299.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra

For those with a penchant for extreme sports, the Galaxy Watch Ultra is Samsung’s first “Ultra” smartwatch. It includes a multi-sport mode to track various activities and is built to function at altitudes ranging from 500 meters below sea level to 9,000 meters high. This rugged device starts at $649.

Samsung Galaxy Buds3 and Buds3 Pro

Rounding out the lineup are the redesigned Galaxy Buds3 and Buds3 Pro. These wireless earphones feature new capabilities such as language translation and adaptive noise canceling, enhancing the user experience whether they are listening to a lecture or enjoying music. The Buds3 are priced at $179, while the Buds3 Pro come in at $249.

Samsung’s latest offerings highlight its commitment to innovation and enhancing user experiences across various tech categories. With cutting-edge features and sleek designs, these new products are set to strengthen Samsung’s position in the competitive tech market.

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