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February 13, 2024

Score: Dating App for High Credit Users

Unique dating app has hit the scene, but there's a twist: you'll need a minimum credit score of 675 to join

Introducing Score, the dating app that's stirring up conversations about financial compatibility just in time for Valentine's Day. Launched by Neon Money Club, this innovative platform requires users to have a minimum credit score of 675, shining a spotlight on the often-overlooked intersection of love and finance.

Luke Bailey, co-founder and CEO of Neon Money Club, emphasizes the need to modernize financial education by taking it into unconventional spaces like dating apps. "We're sparking discussions where finances aren't typically addressed," Bailey explains. "With Score, we're bringing financial awareness to the forefront of the dating scene."

Money matters can be uncomfortable, yet they play a significant role in relationships. CNBC reports that many Americans view debt as a potential cause for divorce, highlighting the importance of financial compatibility. Recognizing this, Neon Money Club developed Score as a platform for like-minded individuals with good to excellent credit scores.

The app's inception at last year's AfroTech conference underscored the demand for a novel approach to discussing credit health. Bailey recounts how a simple question about ideal credit scores for potential partners evolved into the concept for Score, setting the stage for a groundbreaking solution in the dating sphere.

To ensure a financially aligned user base, Score will be available for a limited time, with prospective users required to apply for access. Neon Money Club conducts soft credit checks, ensuring privacy while fostering connections among financially compatible individuals. Users are matched based on shared financial values rather than credit tiers, promoting genuine connections.

Despite its exclusionary nature, Score aims to empower users by redirecting those ineligible to resources for financial literacy and credit improvement. Bailey emphasizes the app's role in fostering awareness about the benefits of a strong credit history, creating a positive cycle of empowerment and education.

Neon Money Club's journey from financial literacy advocacy to pioneering credit card launches reflects its commitment to innovation and inclusivity in the finance industry. With over $10 million in venture capital funding, the company continues to champion diversity and creativity in finance.

As Bailey aptly puts it, "We need more diverse voices in finance, and Score is just the beginning. By opening doors for unconventional perspectives, we're reshaping the industry for the better."

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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