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Scribble Journey: Express Emotions with Doodles

This new app, Scribble Journey uses art therapy to help users express and explore their emotions creatively
July 9, 2024

As the world grapples with global conflicts, climate change, and economic uncertainty, mental health has become a pressing concern for many. Amid this crisis, numerous individuals are turning to mental health apps for support. According to Grand View Research, the global market for these apps was valued at $6.2 billion in 2023.

Enter Scribble Journey, an innovative art therapy and mental health app designed to help users express and explore their emotions through creative activities. On Monday, the startup unveiled a new feature for iOS devices, enabling users to complete drawing activities directly within the app rather than using a physical notebook.

Available for download on the App Store, Scribble Journey allows users to set daily intentions, such as "Build Self Love" or "Explore Emotions," and select activities like the "Emotion Color Wheel." The app provides step-by-step instructions for these activities, guiding users to draw representations of their feelings. For example, the "Emotion Color Wheel" asks users to draw a large circle, divide it into six sections, label each with an emotion, and illustrate things that symbolize those emotions.

After completing their drawings, users are prompted to reflect on their creations through guided journaling. These entries are saved in their "Journey" log, allowing users to revisit and reflect on their emotional progress over time.

In its latest update, Scribble Journey has integrated PencilKit, Apple's drawing framework, allowing users to draw with their fingers or an Apple Pencil directly within the app. This update aims to provide more flexibility and convenience for users who want to journal on the go. Other enhancements include an autosave function, daily suggestions, simplified navigation, and new activities, bringing the total to 21 with more on the way.

To make the app more accessible, Scribble Journey has reduced its pricing. The annual subscription is now $20 per year, down by $16, while the monthly subscription costs $2.99. New users can also take advantage of a free trial: one month free for annual subscribers and two weeks free for monthly subscribers.

Founded by Stephanie Hubbard in 2020, Scribble Journey started as a set of activity cards sold on her Etsy store. The concept was born from Hubbard's college thesis, developed after extensive research and consultations with art therapists to manage her own stress during her studies. “I was already doing a lot of drawing and journaling on my own to deal with my stress,” Hubbard told TechCrunch. “I started looking at art therapy, interviewing therapists, reading case studies, and doing a lot of research on how art therapy helps people.”

Art therapy, which has been practiced since the 1940s, is recognized as a valuable alternative therapy that helps reduce conflicts, enhance cognitive skills, build self-confidence, and improve emotional intelligence and social abilities. After the success of the physical Scribble Journey kits, Hubbard decided to expand the concept into a digital format. She enlisted the help of her husband, Greg Hubbard, a newly minted coder, to develop the app.

Launched earlier this year on iOS, the Scribble Journey app has already attracted nearly 2,000 users. The company is planning future updates, including Journaling Suggestions and notifications, set to coincide with the iOS 18 update in September. An iPad version is also in the works.

Scribble Journey is not just an app but a comprehensive tool that combines the therapeutic benefits of art with the accessibility of digital technology, making mental health support more engaging and effective for users everywhere.

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