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ShapesXR Secures $8.6M to Catalyze VR Design Revolution and 3D Content Creation

ShapesXR, powering Meta and Logitech, skyrockets with $8.6M seed funding
August 11, 2023

A groundbreaking leap towards redefining virtual reality (VR) design and collaboration has been ignited as ShapesXR, the architect of a VR design and collaboration platform, announced its remarkable feat—raising $8.6 million in an impactful seed funding round. Anchored in San Francisco but threaded with the diverse talents of Serbia, ShapesXR pioneers an evolution poised to democratize 3D content creation and storytelling within the immersive realm. With a star-studded clientele including Meta, Logitech, Accenture, Stanford University, and MIT, ShapesXR stands resolute in its quest to carve out an industry standard for UI/UX design, carving a trail akin to Figma in the spatial computing domain.

ShapesXR's seismic stride is illuminated by the luminous backing of seed investors, a constellation featuring Supernode GlobalTriptyq VCBoost VCHartmann CapitalGeek Ventures, and more. This support underscores the potent promise ShapesXR embodies—a promise intricately woven into the fabric of transformative VR design and immersive content creation. By expanding its offerings beyond boundaries, ShapesXR marches toward unfurling its digital canvas on platforms such as Apple Vision Pro, Pico, and Magic Leap, nurturing a future where 3D content is not an enigma.

Their mission is to dissolve the intricate barriers that have often shrouded VR in a cloak of technical complexity. ShapesXR's founder and CEO, Inga Petryaevskaya, eloquently emphasizes, "VR has such huge potential to transform how we all collaborate on projects and design new products, however, one of the main barriers to entry is the level of technical skill required to get started." ShapesXR is an antidote—a catalyst that transforms VR design into an endeavor as intuitive as harnessing PowerPoint. With this surge of funding, ShapesXR aspires to amplify its impact, making 3D content creation, collaboration, and storytelling accessible to all, a proclamation that resonates with the heartbeat of democratization.

ShapesXR's journey reverberates far beyond funding figures and platform expansion. As ShapesXR advances, it propels us closer to a realm where every individual, armed with the language of VR, AR, and mixed-reality storytelling, becomes a maestro in the grand symphony of innovation. With every stride ShapesXR takes, it resonates as an emblem of democratization—a guiding star in VR's transformative evolution.

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