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September 22, 2023

Sizzle The AI-Powered Learning App Transforming Education

The brainchild of Jerome Pesenti, the former vice president of AI at Meta, it's a free AI-powered learning companion

Enter Sizzle, a groundbreaking, free AI-powered learning app that has been making waves since its launch. Founded by Jerome Pesenti, formerly the vice president of AI at Meta, Sizzle sets itself apart by not merely providing answers to math equations and word problems, but by acting as a virtual tutor, guiding students through each step of their learning journey. Recently, the company unveiled a suite of new features designed to revolutionize the way students approach their studies.

Sizzle operates in a manner akin to popular math solver platforms like Photomath and Symbolab. However, it distinguishes itself by not limiting its scope to math alone. Sizzle extends its support to word problems in diverse subjects, including physics, chemistry, and biology. Whether you're a middle school student or navigating the rigors of AP and college-level courses, Sizzle is designed to be your learning companion.

While it's not uncommon for students to turn to AI-powered learning apps to quickly obtain answers, Sizzle takes a different approach. Instead of encouraging rote learning, it fosters genuine understanding. Sizzle's AI functions as a chatbot tutor, patiently leading students through problem-solving processes and answering their queries. The result? Not just solutions but true comprehension.

Jerome Pesenti, the visionary behind Sizzle, departed Meta with a mission to leverage AI for the betterment of education. He sought to create a tool that transcends boundaries, catering to students regardless of their background, school, or available resources. With Sizzle, the transformative potential of AI in learning becomes a reality.

Sizzle combines the might of third-party large language models, including those from OpenAI, with its in-house developed models. The result is an AI with an impressive accuracy rate of 90%. This reliability underpins Sizzle's commitment to providing students with the best possible learning experience.

Sizzle's recent feature additions are set to redefine how students engage with their assignments. The "Grade Your Homework" feature enables users to upload pictures of their completed assignments, receiving detailed feedback on each solution. For those seeking alternative approaches, the "Try a Different Approach" feature allows users to suggest new problem-solving methods, with Sizzle generating step-by-step solutions accordingly. Meanwhile, the "Give Me Choices" option offers multiple answers, aiding students in preparing for tests. Lastly, the "Answer with a Photo" feature allows users to upload images from their camera rolls.

Sizzle's journey is steered by a talented team with backgrounds in tech giants like Meta, Google, Twitter (now X), and Twitch. Since its launch in August, Sizzle has garnered over 20,000 downloads, boasting an impressive average rating of 4.6 stars on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Sizzle has secured $7.5 million in seed funding, with Owl Ventures leading the way, joined by 8VC and FrenchFounders. This financial boost is propelling Sizzle towards its vision of expanding its team and enhancing its product. In the pipeline are even more features, aimed at further enriching the learning experience.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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