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Spain's High Court Halts Telegram Amid Copyright Dispute

Spain's High Court has slammed the brakes on messaging powerhouse Telegram within the nation
March 25, 2024

In a significant legal development, Spain's High Court has issued an order to suspend the services of messaging app Telegram within the country. This action comes in response to complaints from media companies, alleging unauthorized content uploads by users.

Effective from Monday, the use of Telegram in Spain will undergo a temporary suspension following requests from major media firms, including Atresmedia, EGEDA, Mediaset, and Telefonica. The decision, made by Judge Santiago Pedraz, aims to investigate the claims against Telegram, with mobile phone providers tasked with implementing the service block.

While Telegram has yet to respond to requests for comment, the High Court's move underscores the gravity of the situation. Notably, Telegram holds the position of the fourth most-used messaging service in Spain, according to the competition watchdog CNMC. It boasts a significant user base, with nearly 19% of Spaniards surveyed reporting its use.

Despite the legal challenges in Spain, Telegram remains a global player, with the company reporting over 700 million monthly active users worldwide in 2023.

The court's decision to suspend Telegram's services highlights the delicate balance between user freedoms and copyright protection in the digital age. As the investigation unfolds, stakeholders eagerly await further developments in this evolving legal landscape.

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