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Spotify's Next AI Frontier, AI-Powered Playlists on the Horizon

From the introduction of its AI-powered DJ to the AI-translated podcasts and now the next big step into AI-playlists
October 4, 2023

Spotify, the global music streaming giant, is no stranger to the world of artificial intelligence. After the successful launch of its AI-driven DJ feature and the recent addition of AI-translated podcasts, Spotify is once again harnessing AI's potential—this time to create AI-powered playlists.

Tech-savvy investor Chris Messina uncovered tantalizing references in Spotify's app code to "AI playlists" and "playlists based on your prompts." The idea seems to revolve around enabling users to craft generative AI playlists by providing specific prompts. While this development suggests an exciting direction for Spotify, the company has remained tight-lipped about its plans regarding AI playlists.

"At Spotify, we are constantly iterating and ideating to improve our product offering and offer value to users. But we don't comment on speculation around possible new features and do not have anything new to share at this time."

The groundwork for AI-powered playlists may have been laid when Spotify introduced "Niche mixes." This feature lets users create playlists based solely on descriptions, covering a wide spectrum of genres, vibes, and aesthetics. Despite their initial appearance as AI-generated, Spotify clarified that Niche mixes rely on the company's personalization technology and algorithms, not AI.

While it's uncertain if this new AI playlist feature will see the light of day for Spotify users, it offers a glimpse into the company's vision for AI-driven music personalization. Spotify has consistently explored AI's potential, from AI DJs to language models, and its commitment to pushing the boundaries of music personalization remains unwavering.

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