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The Must-Have Apps for Your Phone

You presumably use a smartphone daily, but how much value are you really getting out of it?
June 28, 2024

Don't want to limit yourself to checking social media, reading emails, and watching YouTube anymore? Consider the following app categories and turn your smartphone into the supercharged, life-changing multitool it was always meant to be!

Messaging App

Why spend money texting when there’s a sea of messaging apps to take advantage of? You don’t even need to get your friends to sign up since some integrate flawlessly into major social media ecosystems. You can use messaging apps for free while enjoying superior encryption that ensures no one can read your messages. They support pictures, GIFs, as well as audio & video files. Some will also delete messages automatically after a while.

Food-Related Apps

Your phone can act as the perfect window into the world of culinary delights! We're not just talking about apps that let you order takeout, although they're definitely handy to have. Some food-oriented apps provide countless recipes without the fluff and let you become part of a large foodie community. Others go a step further, setting you up with all the ingredients as well as detailed instructions that will help you expand your culinary horizons.

Fitness Apps

Tired of being a couch potato? Then load your phone up with some choice fitness apps! This broad category encompasses everything from workout plans, and instructions through calorie and step counting to cluing you in on the best hiking or biking trails. Back your progress up with measurable data or gamify your fitness routine to keep your motivation high.

Streaming Services

Need a killer playlist for your new workout routine or a show to binge as a reward afterward? Streaming services have you covered! So many are out there now that subscribing to them all can be a pain. You can optimize your strategy and access countless shows, songs, podcasts, and more while paying only for the content you’re currently interested in.


The importance of privacy takes on a whole new meaning in an age when a bit of snooping can give a skilled person enough to go on to compromise your accounts, financial information, or even your identity. A VPN is indispensable for maintaining your privacy. In case you are wondering what a VPN is, it’s a tool that encrypts your phone’s entire internet connection.

This ensures neither browsing nor app activities can give potential snoops or your ISP an indication of what exactly you’re doing online. VPNs are also practical for bypassing geo-blocking. Just choose a server in a part of the world you’re interested in while connecting, and enjoy shows you ordinarily couldn’t.

Productivity Apps

Not having access to your laptop or PC is no excuse to be slacking off! Enhance your productivity by logging time, delegating tasks, or keeping everyone on the same page regarding project completion status. Note-taking and to-do list apps will help, as will an advanced calendar app that lets you sync schedules with others and work out appointments in an instant.

Creativity-Focused Apps

The amount and quality of creativity apps at your disposal are simply amazing! Any modern phone can help you sketch, edit videos, create music, or even make 3D models. Such apps aren't as feature-rich as their desktop counterparts. Still, they're more than good enough for expressing yourself artistically on the go.

Data Removal Services

Have you ever googled yourself only to discover there's more info out there than you'd like? It might be time to delete embarrassing social media posts from five years ago, but that won't fix the issue entirely.

People finder sites and data brokers have access to huge amounts of sensitive data on us, which they have no qualms about using or selling to advertisers.

A data removal service can have them erase any trace of you from their databases, and installing their app lets you see how the process is going. If you’re concerned about the info such parties might hoard, data removal services are a much more convenient solution than tracking down and contacting each one individually.

Wellbeing Apps

Smartphones can help promote bad habits and are definitely a major stressor. However, the right apps can transform them from sources of discomfort into oases of calm. Some promote centering yourself and finding inner peace. Others take a less spiritual, more scientific approach and help you sleep better or overcome addiction. Whatever your goal is, the right app can have a genuinely positive impact on the quality of your life.

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