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Ticketmaster Hacked: Customer Data Compromised

Live Nation, the entertainment powerhouse, has confirmed that its ticketing subsidiary, Ticketmaster, has been hacked
June 3, 2024

In a concerning development for concertgoers and live event fans, Live Nation has confirmed that its ticketing subsidiary, Ticketmaster, experienced a significant data breach. The breach, which occurred on May 20, was disclosed late last Friday in a filing with government regulators.

Live Nation's statement revealed that a cybercriminal claimed to be selling user data on the dark web. While the company has not specified whose personal information was compromised, it is widely believed to affect Ticketmaster customers. The delayed disclosure of the breach, over a week after its occurrence, raises questions about the company’s response time.

The breach was traced to unauthorized activity within a third-party cloud database environment holding company data. Although Live Nation did not name the third-party provider, a Ticketmaster spokesperson confirmed that the affected database was hosted by Snowflake, a cloud storage and analytics company based in Boston. Snowflake later acknowledged that a limited number of customers might have been impacted by targeted attacks but did not elaborate on the nature or extent of the breach.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) also hosts much of Live Nation and Ticketmaster's infrastructure, as noted in a now-removed case study on Amazon's website. Both Live Nation and Ticketmaster representatives, as well as Snowflake, have been reticent in providing further details about how the breach occurred or the measures being taken to address it.

The seriousness of the breach is underscored by claims from the administrator of the BreachForums, a notorious cybercrime forum, who alleges possession of personal information from 560 million customers, including Ticketmaster users. This purportedly includes ticket sales data and customer card information.

TechCrunch managed to obtain a sample of the stolen data, which contained thousands of records, including internal Ticketmaster email addresses. Verification efforts confirmed these records as legitimate Ticketmaster accounts.

This data breach comes at a challenging time for Live Nation, which is already under legal scrutiny. Earlier in May, the Department of Justice, along with 30 state attorneys general, filed a lawsuit against Live Nation, accusing it of monopolistic practices and seeking to dismantle the ticketing giant.

As investigations continue, the implications of this data breach are still unfolding. With sensitive customer data potentially compromised, affected users are urged to monitor their accounts for any suspicious activity and follow any guidance provided by Ticketmaster regarding the breach.

This incident not only highlights the vulnerabilities in data security practices but also stresses the importance of prompt and transparent communication in maintaining customer trust amidst a crisis.

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