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TikTok Launches $1M Program Amid U.S. Ban Threat

Unveiled the TikTok Change Makers Program, enlisting fifty influential creators committed to positive impact
May 22, 2024

In the face of a looming ban in the United States, TikTok unveils its strategic move: the TikTok Change Makers Program. This initiative spotlights fifty global creators recognized for their positive influence, both on and off the platform.

Under the program, selected creators receive support from TikTok, with the platform also pledging a $25,000 donation to a non-profit organization of each creator's choice. The initiative aims to foster creativity while championing advocacy and health communication, as highlighted by Alain Labrique, a director at the World Health Organization (WHO).

Among the inaugural participants are environmental activists like Caulin Donaldson and Eli Virkina, alongside motivational speakers such as Barbara Costello and Alethea Crimmins. Notably, Joel Bervell, one of the honorees, addresses racial disparities in medicine—a crucial conversation amplified by his role on a White House-sponsored committee.

Although TikTok refrains from explicitly tying this program to its efforts to remain operational in the U.S., its timing speaks volumes. With President Joe Biden's recent bill signaling a potential ban unless ByteDance sells the app, TikTok's future hangs in the balance. This philanthropic gesture, while commendable, underscores the platform's high-stakes battle for survival amidst uncertain regulatory challenges.

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