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August 22, 2023

Twitch Empowers Streamers with Enhanced Control Over Viewership in Latest Update

This game-changing update comes as part of Twitch’s ongoing efforts to provide its vibrant community of creators with enhanced tools

In a strategic move to reinforce its commitment to fostering a safer and more inclusive streaming environment, Twitch, the premier live streaming platform, is set to unveil a groundbreaking feature that puts streamers in the driver's seat.

In an announcement on its monthly show dedicated to product updates, the company revealed its imminent plan to empower streamers to curtail viewership access at the source. This innovative feature is poised to redefine content engagement dynamics and reshape how creators interact with their audiences.

At the heart of this lies the power to selectively exclude users previously banned from streams. This is not merely limited to chat participation but extends to the very core of the live-streaming experience. Banned users will not only be silenced in chat but swiftly ejected from the live broadcast itself in real time.

Expected to roll out within the forthcoming weeks, this new addition, designed to combat harassment and safeguard streamer comfort, will seamlessly integrate with Twitch’s existing arsenal of blocking tools. With a seamless synergy, blocked users will find their access automatically revoked, thus ensuring that the streaming experience remains safe and conducive to positive interactions.

A key facet of this empowerment tool is its flexibility. While not activated by default, streamers will enjoy the autonomy to toggle this option as per their moderation settings. This grants them greater control over their virtual domains and signifies a decisive step forward in fostering a more secure and engaging platform environment.

Twitch’s Senior Product Manager, Trevor Fisher, articulated the motivation behind this move during the Patch Notes stream. Acknowledging the consistent feedback received from the community, Fisher noted, "We’ve gotten a lot of feedback over the years, to be honest, that people want their channel bans to do more." This enhancement is a testament to Twitch's responsiveness to user needs and aspirations.

However, while this innovation promises to be a watershed moment, it’s important to acknowledge that it might have certain limitations. The feature primarily focuses on logged-in users who have been blocked or banned. While it refrains from employing IP blocking at present, Twitch remains committed to exploring a range of solutions to ensure comprehensive protection.

It’s also worth noting that the feature might not entirely deter unwanted viewers from engaging with VODs, highlights, and clips. However, Twitch's proactive stance is evident as it contemplates expanding the feature's capabilities to encompass these aspects as well in due course.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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