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YouTube Tests New Feature to Add Context to Videos

YouTube tests a new Notes feature allowing users to add context to videos, aiming to enhance content reliability
June 18, 2024

YouTube is currently testing a new feature called Notes, which allows users to contribute community-sourced context to videos. This feature, announced in a recent blog post by the company, aims to provide relevant, timely, and easy-to-understand information alongside videos.

The Notes feature builds upon existing tools to offer helpful content directly within the video interface. It is being rolled out on a limited basis, initially available to eligible contributors who will be invited to write and submit notes for videos. These notes will appear publicly under the video if they are deemed broadly helpful by viewers.

Users will be able to rate the notes into three categories: "helpful," "somewhat helpful," or "unhelpful." YouTube will use these ratings to determine which notes to publish.

Initially, the feature will be available on mobile devices in the U.S. and in English. YouTube, owned by Google, has indicated that it will continue to refine and improve the feature based on user feedback and may consider expanding its availability in the future.

This new initiative is part of YouTube's ongoing efforts to enhance the quality and reliability of information on its platform. Previously, YouTube has faced challenges in managing misinformation and misrepresentation. Last year, the platform took steps to define and enforce medical guidelines, removing content that contradicted health authority recommendations on specific health conditions.

Earlier this year, YouTube also introduced disclosure labels for videos created using generative AI, aiming to alert users when videos have the potential to mislead or confuse. These labels are part of YouTube's broader commitment to maintaining accurate and trustworthy content on its platform.

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