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Can GIFs Cause Trouble? Unpacking the Security Risks of Animated Images

Businesses and organizations need to understand and analyze the security risks of animated images
May 20, 2024

Data is the new gold. Companies and organizations around the world today rely heavily on the data that they provide and receive online. Additionally, the growing trend of cloud-based services and systems has made it imperative for companies and firms to consider the risks of their data being breached by hackers. While a gif file is a simple file format, these files are used by hackers to deliver malicious files, exploit existing vulnerabilities and extract data from user devices.

Breach Security

When you are managing your business you need to focus on how you can safeguard and secure the business data on the system. GIFs can breach security and this means that you need to focus on how you can improve ways to safeguard your business system. Having better and stronger passwords is one way to ensure that your systems are intact. When you are browsing information online you would want to make use of a Chrome password manager that would help you generate strong passwords and auto-fill them with a single click.

Deliver Malicious Files

While GIF files might look interesting they can be used to deliver malicious files. This can be a threat to your business and organization data. GIF files are often edited to conceal malware, which can then deliver malicious codes to your system to extract relevant information. This can make things hard for your business or even for personal use. Hence, it is always important to know the disadvantages of a GIF file before you accidentally or purposely click one.

Account Takeover

In various cases, hackers can use a malicious GIF file to delete the entire user’s data and take over the account. This can also happen on key technologies like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Many companies and their employees today prefer to communicate using these softwares, and the GIF file exploits the vulnerabilities of these programs and spreads automatically. Taking over the user account can quickly spread to other members who use the same program to communicate with other employees.

Use Backdoor Vulnerability

While many employees make use of laptops and computers to connect remotely, some also make use of Android devices. GIFs sent via WhatsApp can have a maliciously designed code that can use backdoor vulnerability and have unauthorized access to all the files and information on the smartphone. This can be triggered without any user interaction because the file sits in the phone’s gallery and executes the embedded code. This allows hackers to access contact information, messages, photos, and even the ability to activate cameras and microphones.

Sneak Malware

Malware comes in different types and can be used for various malicious purposes. While GIF files might look relatively safe,, they can be embedded with malware that can sneak into your system. This can eventually lead to data breaches and leakage without the user’s permission and knowledge. This malware can gradually spread into other parts of the systems, providing more access to hackers.

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