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Euro 2024: A Look at the Advanced Technologies in Action

Euro 2024 is nearing, sparking excitement among fans and players
June 24, 2024

This tournament will be a landmark event, featuring thrilling action and innovative technology. The technology will ensure fair play and enhance the experience for everyone involved. It's making Euro 2024 a tournament to remember, with advanced technologies worth exploring.

The Evolution of Technology in Football

Football has new upgrades that help the referees make the right calls. In the last ten years, there's been technology that shows if the ball went in the goal, videos to check close calls, and even new tech to help catch players who are offside.

Goal-Line Technology

Speedy decisions and fair play are the hallmarks of GLT. A network of high-speed cameras tracks the ball, instantly informing the referee through a watch vibration when a goal is scored. There is no more agonizing wait or controversy—justice is served within a second.

Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

VAR provides referees with a second opinion for critical decisions. It reviews goals, penalty decisions, direct red cards, and mistaken identities. A VAR team watches the match on multiple screens, recommending reviews if there's a clear error. While VAR's introduction has been controversial, it corrects mistakes and ensures fairness.

Euro 2024 sees a significant change with fewer VAR officials. Multiple officials in the VAR room previously caused confusion and delays. Now, the reduced number streamlines the process, making it more efficient. Fewer officials mean less conflict and quicker resolutions. This change enhances the game's flow and reduces stoppage time.

Connected Ball Technology

Euro 2024's real star is the Connected Ball technology developed by Adidas, FIFA, and KINEXON. Inside the official match ball, a sensor provides precise, real-time data on movement and contact points. This data transmits 500 times per second, enabling highly accurate decision-making.

How Does the Connected Ball Work?

The Connected Ball technology features a sensor inside the ball, measuring movement and contact. This sensor transmits data in real-time to Video Match Officials. Officials use this data to make accurate decisions on offside, goal lines, and handballs.

The sensor's data combines with stadium camera information to create a detailed representation. This real-time image allows officials to precisely determine when and where the ball was touched. Accurate offside and handball decisions rely on this precise data.

The Benefits of the Connected Ball

The Connected Ball technology offers several benefits:

  1. Enhanced Accuracy: The sensor provides precise data. This reduces the chance of errors in crucial decisions, like offside and handball.
  2. Faster Decision-Making: The Connected Ball provides real-time data. It helps officials decide faster. It reduces the time spent on reviews and keeps the game flowing.
  3. Transparency: Fans will see the data. They can understand the decisions made by officials. This increases transparency and reduces controversy.

Semi-Automated Offside Technology (SAOT)

The Connected Ball aids offside decisions with semi-automated technology. Data from the ball's sensor combines with camera tracking of players' movements. Officials quickly and accurately determine offside status when the ball was passed.

How Does SAOT Work?

SAOT installs ten specialized cameras in the stadium to track players. These cameras track 29 body points on each player. The cameras combine data with the Connected Ball's sensor data. This creates a three-dimensional representation of players and the ball. Officials see exactly where each player is on the pitch. They determine if players were offside when the ball was played.

The Impact of SAOT on the Game

SAOT revolutionizes offside decisions with real-time data, making calls more accurate. It reduces decision time, keeping the game flowing and fairer. Fans enjoy a more continuous, exciting match with fewer stoppages.

How Can Fans Watch the Action of Euro 2024?

Euro 2024 excitement grows, and fans want to know how to catch it all. Many matches will be played in various German cities, but not everyone can attend. Fortunately, there are ways to watch from home, so you don't miss a moment.

Online Streaming Services

Online viewers can stream matches flexibly with convenient services. BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub stream games live and you can use them on your computers, smartphones, or tablets. This suits those on the go or without a TV.

Streaming Services for International Fans

International streaming services have got you covered. ESPN and ESPN will show games for US viewers. European fans can catch the action on DAZN, ZDF, or beIN Sports. And with apps available, you can watch Euro 2024 on your phone, tablet, or smart TV.

If you have a FireStick, you will have multiple app options for the same. The BBC iPlayer app is among the best ones, even for international fans, because it is a free service. However, since it is only available in the UK, with some extra steps, you can access the BBC iPlayer app on FireStick seamlessly from any country and keep up with all the Euro 2024 action, ensuring you don't miss any key moments from the tournament.

Free Sports Streaming Websites

For free sports streams, check out websites like SportSurge and Stream2Watch. Both offer a variety of sports, including soccer, baseball, basketball, and more. SportSurge boasts a user-friendly interface with minimal ads. Simply choose “Soccer” on their home page, find the game you want, and wait for the stream link to appear roughly an hour before start time.

Stream2Watch offers a wider selection of sports but be prepared for intrusive pop-up ads. It's recommended to use an ad blocker. Remember, these sites gather streams from external sources, so the quality and availability can vary.

Apps for the Score and Behind the Scenes

Apps like the UEFA EURO 2024 Official let you check the score on your phone. You can receive live updates, dive into player stats, get expert analysis and even predict results. Stay connected to the tournament, from anywhere, even if you cannot watch the game.


Euro 2024 brings a new era for football, with advanced technologies improving fairness, speed, and transparency. The Connected Ball, SAOT, Audio Analysis Technology, and improved VAR systems enhance the game. Decisions are now more accurate and quicker. Players and fans can focus on the beautiful game itself.

Euro 2024 promises thrilling matches and unforgettable moments with technology leading the way. Combining human judgment and cutting-edge tech makes the sport fairer, more exciting, and more engaging for global fans. Get ready for a tournament showcasing European football's best and the game's future, whether cheering from the stands or watching from home.

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