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Bitcoin Spikes 1.4%: Bullish Week Ahead?

Bitcoin's weekend surge of 1.4% in value with investor interest, fueling discussions about its price trajectory
April 29, 2024

Bitcoin's recent 1.4% surge in value over the weekend has sparked considerable interest among investors, leading to discussions about Bitcoin's price outlook for the upcoming week.

Currently priced at $63,559, Bitcoin continues to exhibit strong market activity, boasting a trading volume of $17.73 billion and maintaining its dominant position with a market cap of approximately $1.25 trillion.

At present, Bitcoin's (BTC/USD) pivot point is at $64,075, representing a significant level for traders to monitor closely. Bitcoin faces immediate resistance at $65,092. If the current upward momentum persists, the next resistance levels to observe are $66,745 and $67,887.

On the downside, Bitcoin enjoys immediate support at $62,754. Further declines could see it testing support levels at $61,782 and $60,780, respectively.

With the Relative Strength Index (RSI) currently at 43, Bitcoin is in a neutral position, indicating neither overbought nor oversold conditions. This neutrality suggests a lack of strong momentum in either direction for the market.

The 50-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA), positioned at $64,355, is crucial as it hovers near the pivot point, indicating that the market might be at a critical juncture.

On the 4-hour chart timeframe, Bitcoin has recently broken below the descending triangle pattern, which had previously provided support around $64,000. This breach suggests the potential for further declines. If the downward momentum continues, Bitcoin could potentially drop towards the $61,750 level, with possible extensions to $60,750.

The technical outlook for Bitcoin remains bearish below the $64,075 level. A decisive break below this pivot could pave the way for further declines toward immediate support levels. Conversely, a move above this critical point could foster a more bullish sentiment in the market, potentially leading to a test of upper resistance levels.

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