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May 17, 2023 Launches Pioneer Academy: Empowering Startups with In-House PR Skills

Online Learning Platform Equips Founders and Marketers to Drive Media Coverage and Cut Costs, a company specializing in newsrooms for PR teams, is launching its new online learning platform, Pioneer Academy. By providing a comprehensive range of online courses, aims to empower founders, marketers, and business professionals to secure media coverage without relying on expensive outsourced partners. This online academy comes in response to the growing demand for in-house PR knowledge among startups, particularly in the face of a challenging funding winter.

Recognizing the current global recession and the challenges faced by startups, understands that many of these emerging companies are keen to optimize their budgets by internalizing their PR and marketing efforts. However, the lack of PR expertise within their teams can pose a significant hurdle. To address this issue head-on, has launched Pioneer Academy—a game-changing online platform that empowers founders, marketers, and PR professionals to take control of their media coverage, eliminating the need for costly external agencies.

Pioneer Academy offers an array of practical video courses developed in collaboration with PR experts within the startup ecosystem. The initial lineup includes three courses covering essential PR techniques, media training, and crisis communications. In the coming months, plans to introduce new courses, focusing on startup-specific topics such as product launches, fundraising strategies, and harnessing the power of AI in PR.

With its global reach and a team dispersed across seven countries in Europe and South America, is revolutionizing the way startups approach PR. By democratizing access to high-quality PR education.

Born out of the technology magazine The Next Web's physical newsroom, has rapidly evolved into a trusted provider of newsrooms and PR software for fast-growing multinational brands like WeTransfer, Shimano, Fever, Dolby, Ace & Tate, and Bunq. Now, with the introduction of Pioneer Academy, extends its reach to include startups and small businesses, aligning with its core mission of assisting brands of all sizes in achieving PR-driven growth. Notably,'s services are already available free of charge to numerous NGOs.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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