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July 4, 2023

Wiremind is Chosen by AS Monaco Basket as Its Exclusive Partner for Ticketing

AS Monaco Basket collaborates with Wiremind to modernise its ticketing system, delivering an enhanced customer experience while strategically bolstering revenue growth

Wiremind, the provider of EVENTORI - next-gen ticketing solution, has entered into a strategic alliance with AS Monaco Basket, an eminent European basketball club celebrated for recently clinching the Betclic Elite Championship and securing a commendable third position in the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague, Europe's most distinguished basketball competition. In a decisive move to modernise its ticketing operations and enhance the customer experience, AS Monaco Basket has selected EVENTORI to supplant its existing system. This collaboration is an embodiment of both organisations' commitment to innovation and exceptional customer service within the sports industry.

Wiremind is expanding its global product strategy with EVENTORI to provide disruptive innovation to sports clubs. As an integrated solution, EVENTORI enables AS Monaco Basket to define products, rates, and payment methods seamlessly. With this, the club's ticketing managers will benefit from a smart and user-friendly platform that centralises all essential data such as sales, revenue, occupancy, and access control. A stand-out feature of EVENTORI is its advanced back-office that allows event organisers to easily set up every aspect of ticket sales.

"Wiremind’s commitment to modernising and reinventing ticketing operations aligns perfectly with our vision at AS Monaco Basket. With EVENTORI's advanced features, such as the intuitive back-office, user-friendly front-office, or secure access control, our ticketing operations will be significantly enhanced and our fans will have a seamless and enjoyable ticketing experience. They've crafted a system that keeps things simple while staying focused on what really matters - making the ticketing process a breeze for our supporters," said Violaine Morand, Head of Ticketing at AS Monaco Basket.

To enhance the ticket purchasing experience for fans, AS Monaco Basket will leverage EVENTORI's robust front-office capabilities. With the ability to create a fully customised B2C website, the sports club can offer an intuitive platform tailored to the preferences of its supporters. The website features a secure payment module, ensuring hassle-free transactions, and a user-friendly ticketing module that allows attendees to browse, book, and store tickets with ease.

The sophistication of EVENTORI's system extends beyond an improved user interface, offering seamless integration with the club's existing CRM. This integration is critical as it allows the club to cater to their fans with more precision, thereby ensuring that they receive the right offers at the right time and making their interactions with the club more rewarding. Recognising AS Monaco Basket's robust participation across various competitions, including matches, playoffs, and the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague, the advanced features of EVENTORI's platform provide the necessary flexibility to manage a diverse and busy event calendar.

Safety and security are paramount in today's sporting events, and AS Monaco Basket recognises the importance of efficient access control. With EVENTORI's access control tool, the club can expedite attendee check-ins at the stadium while ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of ticketing data and journeys.

“We are incredibly proud to work with such a prestigious partner as AS Monaco Basket, which has done amazing work in recent years, particularly this season, by making it to the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague's Final Four and winning their first French title. We have also found the perfect ticketing team to partner with, sharing our mindset of pushing the boundaries of existing habits and disrupting the sports and events industry through the use of EVENTORI, our AI-powered ticketing and distribution solution,” commented Colin Girault-Matz, co-founder and CEO at Wiremind.

The collaboration between AS Monaco Basket and EVENTORI marks a significant step towards modernising the ticketing landscape in the sports industry. By leveraging EVENTORI's technology, AS Monaco Basket aims to revolutionise its ticketing processes while optimising the user experience of its loyal fan base and attracting new audiences.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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