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Bitcoin ETF Surge: Record Inflows Propel Beyond $52K

Spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETFs experienced an impressive surge, welcoming an influx of around $2.3 billion
February 20, 2024

In a resounding testament to the escalating demand for cryptocurrency investments, Spot Bitcoin ETFs witnessed an unprecedented surge, amassing a staggering influx of approximately $2.3 billion last week. This surge, nearly doubling the previous week's inflow of $1.2 billion, underscores the fervent interest in digital assets among investors worldwide. Let's delve into the implications of this remarkable development and its impact on the cryptocurrency landscape.

The surge in Spot Bitcoin ETFs has been nothing short of remarkable, with last week's inflows representing nearly half of the total net inflow since the inception of BTC ETFs, currently standing at approximately $5 billion. Matteo Greco, a research analyst at digital asset investment firm Fineqia International, attributes Bitcoin's recent surge, which saw the leading cryptocurrency climb around 8% to close at approximately $52,150, to the burgeoning demand for BTC ETFs.

Greco notes that positive net inflows have remained consistent for 16 consecutive trading days since January 26, signaling sustained investor confidence in Bitcoin's long-term potential. However, there was a slight uptick in outflows from the Grayscale Bitcoin ETF (GBTC) last week, indicating a surge in profit-taking among investors following BTC's recent price surge.

Among the ETFs launched on January 11, the Blackrock Bitcoin ETF (IBIT) leads the pack with over $5 billion in assets under management (AUM), followed closely by the Fidelity BTC ETF (FBTC) with approximately $4.5 billion AUM. The 21Shares & ARK Bitcoin ETF (ARKB) secures the third position with roughly $1.5 billion AUM, while the Bitwise Bitcoin ETF (BITB) crosses the $1 billion AUM milestone, reaching around $1.2 billion AUM.

The trading volume of BTC ETFs remains robust, totaling approximately $9.6 billion cumulatively last week, with a daily average volume exceeding $1.9 billion. Since January 11, the cumulative trading volume has reached $45.3 billion, underscoring strong buy pressure and heightened activity surrounding BTC ETFs.

Against the backdrop of the upcoming Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting and expectations of a less restrictive monetary policy from the FED, market participants are increasingly embracing risk assets like BTC, cryptocurrencies, and stocks. This anticipation has propelled Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to new heights, with the S&P 500 recently achieving a new all-time high, signaling a broader market sentiment favoring risk exposure.

As gold ETFs face significant outflows, ETFs tracking the spot price of Bitcoin continue to attract strong inflows, with preliminary data indicating record volumes. The surge in Bitcoin ETFs underscores the growing mainstream acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrency investments, positioning Bitcoin as a formidable contender in the global financial landscape.

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