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Bitget Plans to Register in India

Bitget is setting its sights on becoming a regulated crypto exchange in this rapidly expanding market to surge in India
July 4, 2024

As Web3 innovation continues to surge in India, Bitget is setting its sights on becoming a regulated crypto exchange in this rapidly expanding market. With a strong focus on user protection and compliance, Bitget is actively engaging with Indian authorities to ensure it meets the necessary regulatory standards.

India's crypto market has seen remarkable growth, fueled by increasing interest and adoption. In response, Bitget is in discussions with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) to secure further licensing, underscoring its commitment to serving this crucial market. Simran Alphonso, Head of Global Communications at Bitget, highlighted the company's dedication to compliance and user safety. She affirmed that "India is a high-priority market" for Bitget, which is exploring various ways to serve the region while maintaining strict compliance standards.

Bitget is not just focusing on regulatory aspects; it is also actively organizing user awareness campaigns to educate and empower users in making informed decisions about their digital assets. Transparency remains a core value for Bitget, demonstrated by its provision of verifiable Proof of Reserves data and unrestricted access to comprehensive fund storage information, including publicly available wallet addresses. These measures solidify Bitget’s reputation as a trusted and secure crypto exchange.

The company's commitment to India is further evidenced by its efforts to obtain Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) licenses in Lithuania and Poland, adhering to regulatory standards and creating a secure trading environment with KYC/AML compliance. Bitget's strategy includes exploring all avenues to meet local compliance and better serve the Indian market.

- Active engagement with Indian regulatory authorities to meet compliance requirements.

- Emphasis on providing top-tier crypto trading services with high compliance and customer service standards.

- Mandatory KYC implementation on its platform to enhance security and prevent illicit use of digital assets.

- The Protection Fund, a cornerstone of Bitget's user-centric approach since its launch in August 2022, reached an average valuation of $429 million in June 2024.

- Hosting an accelerator program for India's startup ecosystem through its $10 million Blockchain4Youth fund.

Bitget's proactive approach towards compliance and user protection, coupled with its educational initiatives and transparent operations, positions it as a leading player in India’s burgeoning Web3 landscape. By fostering a secure and informed trading environment, Bitget is poised to significantly contribute to the growth of India's digital economy.

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