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January 22, 2024

Crypto Rollercoaster: Exploring Explosive Gains and Risks in Low-Cap Markets

As Bitcoin takes a dip, testing the waters with fresh 2024 lows below $41,500, meet CBDC, TEST, and TRUMP

As Bitcoin takes a dip to fresh 2024 lows under $41,500, crypto enthusiasts hungry for swift gains are steering the market narrative. Uniswap, the decentralized exchange, is witnessing explosive action in low-cap markets, with intriguing tokens like CBDC, TEST, and TRUMP emerging as today's biggest crypto gainers. Despite the majority of major cryptocurrencies trading in the red, the allure of high-risk, high-reward opportunities is drawing attention.

The recent sell-off, seemingly Bitcoin-driven, echoes a post-ETF approval sell-the-fact reaction. Spot Bitcoin ETFs, notably BlackRock's, have seen substantial inflows, surpassing $1 billion. However, concerns loom as Grayscale Bitcoin Trust ETF undergoes significant Bitcoin sales, putting downward pressure on Bitcoin's price. Additionally, macroeconomic factors such as a stronger US dollar and rising yields contribute to the current headwinds.

The long-term outlook for Bitcoin remains optimistic, backed by the upcoming halving, anticipated Fed rate cuts, and continuous ETF inflows. However, in the short term, a potential retest of sub-$40,000 levels suggests a cautious approach, prompting investors to explore alternative opportunities.

Amid the downbeat outlook, the appeal of the unpredictable low cap crypto markets grows. New meme coins and "shitcoins" promise remarkable gains, often ranging from 5-10x within a mere 24 hours, fueled by the market's low liquidity levels. However, the thrilling ride comes with risks, including the prevalence of scams, rug pulls, and malicious code embedded in token smart contracts.


A "shitcoin" that soared over 1,100% in the past 24 hours, making it one of the biggest crypto gainers today. At its peak, $CBDC registered a mind-boggling 14,000% increase with a market cap exceeding $20 million. Despite its volatility, caution is warranted, with a security audit revealing concerns in its smart contract.

TEST Token

This new meme coin surged by 250% in 24 hours, flaunting a market cap around $360,000. With nearly $200,000 in locked liquidity and minimal smart contract alerts, it presents a potentially lower risk of being a scam.


In the wake of Trump's victory in the Iowa primary election, $TRUMP witnessed a 140% surge, securing its spot among today's significant crypto gainers on Uniswap. Its market cap hovers around $270,000, with $73,000 in locked liquidity and three smart-contract alerts.

While low-cap coins promise exhilarating returns, the inherent risks demand careful consideration. For those seeking a balance of risk and reward, alternative investment strategies like crypto presales provide avenues for potential gains. Identifying promising projects in their early stages can be a game-changer, offering a snapshot of the dynamic and evolving crypto landscape. As the market pulsates with excitement and uncertainties, investors navigate the wild ride, always vigilant and ready for the next crypto revelation.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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