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DEXTools' Top Gainers: BABYSORA, Spider, VEIL

Thrill-seeking crypto enthusiasts persistently explore on-chain markets via platforms like DEXTools
February 21, 2024

As Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) prices experienced fluctuations on Tuesday, following recent surges to multi-year highs, enthusiasts eager for significant gains are actively navigating on-chain markets, utilizing platforms like DEXTools to identify today's top performers.

BTC briefly soared above $53,000, while ETH flirted with the $3,000 mark, only to retreat approximately 3%. Currently, BTC hovers in the low $51,000s, with ETH stabilizing around $2,900.

As mainstream cryptocurrencies struggle to break out of established ranges, attention shifts towards alternative tokens trading on on-chain platforms, promising faster returns.

Here's a glimpse into some standout performers on Ethereum, according to DEXTools.


A replication of the Sora memecoin, BABYSORA, has skyrocketed by an impressive 3,900% since its Tuesday debut. DEXTools values its market cap at $580,000, boasting liquidity of approximately $130,000 and a holder count of around 370. However, despite its surge, caution is advised, as its DEXTscore stands at 81/99, accompanied by five smart contract concerns. Notably, there's a debate among code auditors regarding potential scam elements, urging investors to exercise prudence.

Spider Man

Introduced as a Spider-Man-themed meme coin, Spider Man has surged by 230% on Wednesday. With a market cap hovering around $385,000 and liquidity close to $382,000, the token, in circulation since last June, shows minimal smart contract alerts, suggesting a lower scam risk. Nonetheless, thorough due diligence remains crucial for prospective investors.


Experiencing a significant uptick, privacy bridge protocol Veil has surged by 140% within 24 hours, reaching a noteworthy market cap of $2.76 million, alongside locked liquidity exceeding $430,000. Impressively, it boasts a DEXTscore of 99/99, with only two smart contract concerns. Despite a 5% buy-and-sell tax, indicating lower scam probability, prudent research is paramount in investment decisions.

While investing in low-cap tokens poses inherent risks, including susceptibility to scams and price volatility, exploring crypto presales offers a potentially more rewarding risk-reward ratio. By engaging in presales, investors secure discounted tokens of promising projects at early stages, potentially yielding substantial gains. Although uncertainties persist, diligent presale investors often achieve returns surpassing 10x.

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