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Discovering Crypto's Top Gainers: Bitcoin to Shitcoins

BTC stands strong above $52,000 this Monday, buoyed by revelations of weekly inflows into crypto investment products
February 20, 2024

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin's resilience above $52,000 is drawing attention amid record-breaking weekly inflows into crypto investment products. However, savvy investors seeking rapid gains are turning their gaze toward micro-cap markets, where the allure of potential crypto winners today is too tempting to resist.

Last week witnessed a staggering influx of just under $2.5 billion into crypto investment products, marking an all-time high and propelling yearly inflows to an impressive $5.2 billion. Unsurprisingly, Bitcoin spearheads this surge, fueled by the January approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs, solidifying its position as a contender for the best crypto to buy today.

While Bitcoin boasts a commendable 7% weekly surge, Ethereum takes the spotlight with a remarkable 15% increase, surpassing $2,900. Analysts predict the potential approval of various Ether-based spot ETFs this year, combined with Ether's deflationary tokenomics and environmentally friendly design, positioning ETH as the next "institutional darling" and a strong candidate for the best crypto to buy today.

While established cryptocurrencies promise near-term gains, the fast-paced world of micro-caps often outshines them. Shitcoins and meme coins, despite their dubious names, frequently experience astronomical surges, with some pumping 10x in a single day in on-chain markets. The allure lies in their tiny market capitalizations and limited liquidity, making them susceptible to massive price pumps with a few substantial buy orders.

The decentralized exchange (DEX) landscape showcases some of the top crypto gainers today:

1. PIXELS: A sudden 5,400% surge with cautionary notes about its modifiable tax and smart contract concerns.

2. BlueSHIB : A 470% pump for this Shiba Inu meme coin, with a tiny market cap and liquidity, requiring investor caution.

3. DeepFakeAI: A 150% increase in the native token of Telegram-based DeepFake creation protocol, emphasizing a 4% buy-and-sell tax and cautious approach.

While shitcoins present opportunities for fast gains, they also come with considerable risks. Presales, offering early-bird discounts before public listing, provide an alternative strategy with potentially better risk/reward dynamics. However, prospective investors are urged to conduct thorough due diligence, evaluating teams, use cases, tokenomics, roadmaps, and partnerships.

As Bitcoin stands firm and Ethereum emerges as a potential institutional favorite, the allure of micro-cap markets remains undeniable. Whether exploring top gainers on DEXTools or considering presales, investors must tread carefully, armed with due diligence and a discerning approach to navigate

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