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July 4, 2023

Fuel Ventures doubles investment in UK tech with €115.7M fund

Fuel Ventures fuels UK tech startups with £100M investment fund, signaling increased support for seed and pre-seed rounds

Fuel Ventures, led by seasoned entrepreneur Mark Pearson, is set to distribute a substantial £180M fund to over 60 promising startups in software, finance platforms, marketplaces, and e-commerce. With a strong track record of investing in disruptive founders, Fuel Ventures aims to bolster the UK's tech landscape and support innovative ventures during their critical early stages. The fund will also provide follow-on investments for companies surpassing expectations and accelerating growth. Pearson's vision is clear: to empower and nurture tech ventures that will shape a thriving industry for years to come.

Fuel Ventures: Driving Success in the UK Tech Scene

In an industry facing challenges, Fuel Ventures remains committed to fueling the long-term future of the UK tech scene. With nearly £350M in assets under management, the firm has a solid foundation for supporting early-stage startups, offering investments ranging from £250K for emerging ventures to £4M for seed to series A rounds. Notable investments in Fuel Ventures' portfolio include successful exits like Volt Capdesk and disruptive players such as Peckwater Brands and Lunio, the click-fraud fighter. Fuel Ventures understands the pivotal role of experienced backers and capital in the vulnerable early days of startups, and this new fund underscores their commitment to fostering growth and innovation.

Embracing Entrepreneurial Talent and Innovation

Fuel Ventures recognizes the immense potential of entrepreneurial talent and the innovative tech businesses emerging amidst industry challenges. Mark Pearson's own entrepreneurial journey has instilled in him a deep understanding of the difficulties startups face in their nascent stages.

With a bold vision and substantial funding, Fuel Ventures is on a mission to drive the success of UK tech startups. By investing in disruptive founders and fostering innovation, Fuel Ventures aims to contribute to a stronger tech landscape in the years to come. Now, more than ever, startups need the support and expertise of experienced backers like Fuel Ventures to navigate the challenges and realize their full potential. The future of the UK tech scene shines brighter with the backing and dedication of Fuel Ventures.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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