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Germany's Ivy secures €7M to revolutionize payments with global API

Boost your checkout speed and cut card transactions with Ivy's instant bank payment solution
July 18, 2023

Ivy, the German fintech disruptor, is reshaping the payments landscape with its innovative global API for instant bank payments. By revolutionizing the checkout experience, Ivy eliminates card transaction costs, expedites payment processing, and builds a seamless connection between merchants and customers.

Through its cutting-edge orchestration technology, Ivy intelligently routes transactions across various instant bank schemes and infrastructure providers, ensuring optimal connectivity and conversion rates. Merchants can easily integrate Ivy's Pay by Bank option into their checkouts using the API or as a plugin for popular shop systems like Shopify, Shopware, Magento, and WooCommerce.

To accelerate its mission of transforming the payments ecosystem, Ivy has successfully raised €7 million in a Seed round led by prominent investors including Creandum, 10xFounders, and renowned angel investors such as Jeppe Rindom and Nico Rosberg, the Formula One World Champion. With this backing, Ivy is poised to drive a significant shift in the payment landscape, foreseeing a future where trillions of dollars' worth of transactions will flow through banks rather than cards.

Ivy's influence extends far beyond borders, as its global API is available in Europe, the U.S., MENA, and SEA regions, connecting with over 500 million bank accounts across 50 geographies. In addition to its groundbreaking payments technology, Ivy has formed a partnership with Ecosia, a non-profit organization with millions of active users. This collaboration allows merchants to contribute to reforestation efforts through their savings, fostering a sustainable future for both businesses and the environment.

With its forward-thinking approach, Ivy is paving the way for a better payments world, bringing disparate regional payment structures onto a harmonized interface for real-time transactions. As Ivy continues to empower businesses and customers alike, the global payments landscape is poised for a transformation that prioritizes efficiency, cost savings, and environmental stewardship.

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