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Monite's Fintech Journey Expands: Welcomes Key Executives to Ignite Global Growth

Monite's Power Trio: Haagensen, Osburn & Pham onboard for Global Fintech Expansion
August 1, 2023

German fintech Monite embarks on an exciting growth phase, bolstering its executive team with industry trailblazers. With plans to revolutionize B2B finance automation and expand its footprint across the EU, UK, and the US, Monite is determined to lead the embedded finance space.

Monite, the API-first embedded finance company, sets its sights on reshaping B2B finance automation for seamless client experiences. To accelerate its ambitious journey, the firm proudly welcomes three exceptional leaders to its executive team.

Sophie Haagensen assumes the role of Chief of Staff, bringing her invaluable experience as COO at KodyPay and her influential contribution to the founding team at retail bank Atom Bank. Haagensen's admiration for Monite's talented and passionate team underscores the company's commitment to fostering a thriving and collaborative culture.

The appointment of Dan Osburn as Chief Product Officer further fortifies Monite's vision of offering an expansive suite of financial products to B2B platforms. Osburn's extensive fintech background, including his transformative role at Marqeta, highlights the firm's dedication to user-centric financial solutions.

Joining as Head of Marketing is Hoang Pham, who arrives with a wealth of experience from esteemed online payments firm Mollie. Pham's mission is to amplify Monite's brand presence and elevate its position in the market, driving the company toward unprecedented growth.

Ivan Maryasin, CEO of Monite, expresses profound gratitude for attracting leaders from groundbreaking companies like Margeta and and Mollie to join the Monite team. Their choice to embrace Monite signifies a powerful endorsement of the company's product and mission.

Monite's future is imbued with promise as the fintech disruptor strategically positions itself as an embedded finance category leader. With a dynamic executive team, including Sophie Haagensen, Dan Osburn, and Hoang Pham, Monite sets its sights on global expansion and innovative B2B financial workflows.

As Monite's vision unfolds, the collaboration between these exceptional leaders and the solid tech team will pave the way for remarkable growth and innovation. The journey to transform B2B finance automation and revolutionize financial workflows is well underway, solidifying Monite's position as a prominent player in the embedded finance landscape.

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