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Paytm's Key License Amid Regulatory Challenges

India's Paytm has successfully obtained a license to sustain operations and uphold key features within the payments app
March 15, 2024

In a critical turn of events, India's Paytm has successfully obtained a crucial license imperative for the continuity of its core functionalities within its payments app. This milestone comes just in the nick of time, as the firm's banking unit faces regulatory hurdles, compelling it to cease operations imminently.

The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), the architect behind the UPI rail system in the nation, has granted Paytm approval to function as a third-party application provider in the payments ecosystem. While this license may not fully reinstate the perks Paytm previously enjoyed, it enables the company, headquartered in Noida, to operate on par with major players like Walmart's PhonePe and Alphabet's Google Pay.

With this third-party application provider license, Paytm can continue facilitating payments via the UPI network, ensuring uninterrupted services even as its parent company, One97 Communications' banking unit—Paytm Payments Bank—is slated to halt operations.

Following the Reserve Bank of India's directive in late January to halt operations at Paytm Payments Bank, a significant portion of Paytm's transaction processing capabilities faced uncertainty. The subsequent market turbulence saw Paytm's valuation plummet by more than half, underlining the urgency of securing the third-party application provider license to sustain essential app operations.

Key banking institutions such as Axis, HDFC, State Bank of India, and Yes Bank have been designated as payment system providers to the Paytm app, as per NPCI's announcement. Additionally, NPCI has advised Paytm to expedite the migration of all existing handles and mandates to the new PSP banks.

The Reserve Bank of India's proactive directive underscores the significance of ensuring seamless continuity for Paytm's vast user base. The swift issuance of the third-party application provider license aims to mitigate disruptions and uphold the integrity of India's burgeoning digital payment landscape.

In essence, Paytm's attainment of this vital license signifies a crucial step in navigating regulatory challenges while reaffirming its commitment to delivering seamless payment experiences to millions of users across India.

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