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Raison Reaches €27.8M Valuation

Raison, the company providing an app company for finance and personal investing, outlined a reached peak of $30M in valuation...
By Matias Rodsevich
February 14, 2023

Raison, the company providing an app company for finance and personal investing, outlined a reached peak of $30M in valuation after consolidation with Raison Asset Management, a US SEC-regulated investment company. As outlined by an Estonian venture capital firm Server Partners, the new Raison’s valuation is higher than the previous $11.5M one.

The vision behind Raison is to provide an equal opportunity to anyone who desires to become a late venture investor and to create a highly diversified portfolio of the most well-known tech startups. Raison will enable complete wealth management through the platform for both retail and HNWI investors. The app provides an opportunity for late venture investment deals starting from $1. Through integrating fractional shares and implementing blockchain technology, Raison has become the first legal structure used for secure venture investments accessible to anyone.

Through a special investment fund managed by Raison Asset Management, Raison app purchases companies’ shares. Raison uses smart contracts to advertise units of a certain firm and produces tiny fractions of the fund to offer shares on our marketplace. Through this practice, the company decreases the entrance barrier. It provides people with a quick and simple digital experience that allows investments in companies such as Klarna, SpaceX, or Scale AI.

Raison has an investment adviser license that the company obtained in 2023, which enables the company to expand its focus and reach global influence. Currently, the platform has above 30,000 users spread over 34 countries.

Raison already plans to raise its subsequent funding round through a crowdfunding platform. As outlined by the developers, the company is currently at the stage of development in which it expects to cause disruptions within the wealth tech sector.

As the world continues to adopt digitalization and simplicity in its services, Raison commits to following these trends and creating solutions that meet today’s needs of investors. - Alexander Zaytsev, CEO and co-founder of Raison

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