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December 25, 2023

Spain's Crypto Landscape Booms as Licensed Firms Surge by 50% in 2023

Spain's financial narrative, the Central Bank has just unveiled a staggering 50% surge in licensed crypto-related firms

In a resounding testament to the surging interest in the crypto space, Spain's Central Bank reveals a remarkable 50% spike in the number of licensed crypto-related firms across the nation in 2023. The financial landscape is evolving rapidly, and Spain is at the forefront, with major players like BitPanda,, and Binance making significant strides. But it's not just the big names making waves – smaller domestic Web3 firms and crypto custodians are also finding a place in the growing list of Bank of Spain-approved operators.

The list, now boasting 85 members, paints a vibrant picture of Spain's crypto ecosystem. Madrid and Barcelona take the lead as headquarters for the majority, but the inclusion of firms from smaller Spanish cities and overseas signifies a diverse and expanding landscape. Notably, Prosegur, a Madrid Stock Exchange-listed security provider, has entered the crypto custody arena, marking a notable transition within the industry.

The journey for firms seeking licenses from the Bank of Spain involves navigating through intricate regulatory landscapes. Since October 2021, the bank has mandated all crypto-related service providers to obtain licenses, requiring them to submit extensive electronic documentation. The complexity heightened with the implementation of EU MiCA regulations, reinforcing Spain's commitment to combating money laundering and terrorism financing. Embracing Financial Action Task Force (FATF) requirements, including the Travel Rule, further underscores Spain's dedication to robust regulatory measures.

Despite the regulatory complexities, the crypto industry in Spain is flourishing. The surge in new firms entering the space in 2023 indicates a growing adoption trend. Crypto-powered commerce is on the rise, with Bitcoin and altcoin transactions extending into the real estate sector. Notably, Idealista reported a notable uptick in Spanish properties available for purchase using BTC and other cryptocurrencies, surpassing the offerings in the United States.

Spain's crypto landscape is undergoing a transformative evolution, with regulatory challenges proving to be stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks. The significant increase in licensed firms, coupled with a burgeoning crypto-powered economy, showcases Spain's resilience and determination to foster innovation in the financial sector. As Bitcoin and altcoins gain momentum in real estate transactions, it's evident that Spain's embrace of crypto is not just a passing trend but a promising future for the nation's financial landscape.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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