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SynFutures Secures $22M in Series B Funding, Revolutionizing DeFi

While the crypto investment landscape faces a global slowdown, SynFutures secured a substantial $22 million
By Josefina Dipaolo
October 23, 2023

Amid a global slowdown in venture investments for crypto projects, some companies continue to buck the trend. SynFutures, a decentralized crypto derivatives exchange, has completed a $22 million Series B funding round. Pantera Capital led the round, with participation from Susquehanna International Group (SIG) and HashKey Capital.

In an era when venture investments for crypto projects have faced a global downturn, the rise of SynFutures is a testament to the continued innovation within the cryptocurrency space. The decentralized crypto derivatives exchange has successfully raised $22 million in a Series B funding round, defying the prevailing investment trends. Leading the investment was Pantera Capital, joined by Susquehanna International Group (SIG) and HashKey Capital. This substantial funding indicates a growing confidence in SynFutures' mission and technology. The company is pioneering a decentralized approach to crypto trading, setting its sights on addressing critical challenges in the rapidly evolving world of decentralized finance (DeFi).

SynFutures has introduced its proprietary automated market maker (AMM) called Oyster, a groundbreaking innovation in the DeFi landscape. AMM technology, which gained prominence with the rise of decentralized finance, employs algorithmic robots to facilitate seamless cryptocurrency trading. Instead of relying on traditional order books, traders can access Oyster's automated trading ecosystem, making it remarkably efficient and user-friendly.

SynFutures’ co-founder and CEO, Rachel Lin, likened the company's approach to that of Amazon, where any market maker can list assets within seconds. This remarkable speed is made possible by leveraging smart contracts, lines of code on a blockchain that execute actions based on predefined conditions. On Oyster, these smart contracts play a crucial role in tasks ranging from pricing and settlements to profit and loss (PnL) analysis. This revolutionary approach empowers traders and opens the door to a new era of crypto trading.

While automated market makers have become the backbone of DeFi, SynFutures is taking a step further to address one of the sector's most significant challenges—capital efficiency. By introducing on-chain orderbook functionalities traditionally associated with traditional finance, SynFutures is reshaping the landscape of cryptocurrency trading.

SynFutures’ target audience primarily comprises high-net-worth individuals and small institutions. The company has already gained significant traction, with approximately 100,000 all-time traders (though individual traders may have multiple wallet addresses). Their trading volume since October 2021 has reached an impressive $21 billion.

Despite the relatively small team at SynFutures, the company has managed to oversee a significant amount of cryptocurrency trading, thanks to its innovative use of smart contracts. This automated approach streamlines the listing process, providing unparalleled efficiency and allowing SynFutures to punch above its weight in the competitive cryptocurrency exchange landscape.

SynFutures is one of several startups capitalizing on the growing demand for transparent and decentralized forms of crypto trading. Following FTX's challenges and regulatory scrutiny, the need for increased transparency and decentralization has become evident. All transactions facilitated by SynFutures occur on-chain, and users' funds are stored in self-custodial wallets, enhancing transparency and security.

The absence of backdoors or centralized control underscores the commitment to transparency and user empowerment. Users can easily verify the status of their funds, track trading prices accurately, and access liquidity data directly from the blockchain. These features represent a significant departure from traditional centralized exchanges and provide a more secure environment for crypto traders.

Despite the innovative strides made by SynFutures and other DeFi startups, the challenges in this sector are substantial. Security concerns remain a top priority, as vulnerabilities in smart contracts can expose DeFi platforms to hacking attempts. The importance of comprehensive security measures to safeguard DeFi platforms cannot be overstated.

Furthermore, regulatory uncertainty continues to cast a shadow over DeFi's rapid growth. While regulators currently focus on centralized crypto services due to their market size, there are no clear guidelines for DeFi compliance in any jurisdiction. The lack of a regulatory framework presents a challenge for DeFi platforms to navigate the evolving landscape while adhering to industry standards and compliance requirements.

DeFi is experiencing a period of transformation, and SynFutures is positioned to play a significant role in this journey. The company's focus on transparency and decentralized trading aligns with the changing dynamics of the crypto space. With ongoing advancements in blockchain technology, DeFi is expected to undergo another wave of growth. As blockchain technology matures, the DeFi ecosystem is poised for significant expansion, providing exciting opportunities for investors and traders.

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