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January 18, 2024

Today's Crypto Stars on Uniswap: $BABY, $MONKEYS, and $SMILEY Take Center Stage

The whimsical trio of $BABY, $MONKEYS, and $SMILEY, emerging as today's crypto mavericks on Uniswap

As the blue-chip cryptocurrency markets navigate the choppy waves this Tuesday, a different spectacle unfolds on Uniswap, where the biggest crypto gainers are not your usual suspects. Say hello to today's crypto sensations: $BABY, $MONKEYS, and $SMILEY, stealing the spotlight in an unexpected turn of events.

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, small-cap tokens often emerge as the unsung heroes of daily gains. Their inherent low liquidity levels set the stage for dramatic price surges with even a modest influx of buying pressure, transforming them into the biggest crypto gainers.

As the broader crypto market rebounds from the recent bearish sentiment triggered by the "sell-the-fact" response to spot Bitcoin ETF approval, traders are redirecting their attention to these low-cap markets, hunting for opportunities beyond the conventional heavyweights.


Born as a meme coin last October, Dancing Baby ($BABY) has burst into life with an astonishing surge of over 4,400% on Monday, earning its spot among today's top crypto gainers on Uniswap. While its market cap hovers around $900,000, with $130,000 locked in liquidity, caution is advised despite its relative longevity in the market.


Another playful contender in the crypto arena, Monkeys ($MONKEYS), a meme coin, has orchestrated an impressive 850% pump on this fine Tuesday, securing its position among the most significant crypto gainers on Uniswap. With a market cap around $2.25 million and over 3,000 holders, it's one to watch, albeit with some concerns flagged in its smart contract by DEXTools' security audit.


In unconventional tokens, Smiley ($SMILEY) has worn its grin proudly, boasting an 800% surge within 24 hours on Uniswap. With a market cap of around $14 million, $2.5 million in partially locked liquidity, and nearly 4,500 holders, $SMILEY has been around since last August, with a clean slate devoid of smart contract alerts.

While Bitcoin promises substantial upside potential, savvy crypto investors are always on the lookout for diversified holdings. For those seeking a higher-risk, higher-reward strategy, venturing into crypto presales could be the key. By supporting upstart crypto projects in their early stages, investors often witness substantial gains.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content writer at TechNews180
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