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Unlimit & Velmie Partner to Boost European FinTech

Banking as a Service (BaaS) platform will empower Velmie to support the launch and expansion of fintech companies
May 8, 2024

Today, Unlimit, a leading global fintech company, and Velmie, a digital banking solutions provider, announced an exciting partnership aimed at accelerating the growth of fintech companies across Europe. With Unlimit's Banking as a Service (BaaS) platform joining forces with Velmie's innovative digital banking solutions, European fintech firms can expect a new era of scalable financial solutions powered by cutting-edge technology.

The partnership between Unlimit and Velmie combines the strengths of Unlimit's advanced BaaS platform with Velmie's digital banking solutions, providing users with a comprehensive suite of payment services. By leveraging the Unlimit BaaS API, Velmie's clients gain access to a range of financial solutions, including digital payments and white-label cards, enabling them to navigate regulatory complexities seamlessly.

With Unlimit's customizable platform and rapid integration capabilities, clients can now enter new markets without the monetary and time costs traditionally associated with expansion. Together, Unlimit and Velmie are ensuring robust regulatory compliance, allowing clients to focus on their core services and solutions.

Europe, already established as a fintech hub, is experiencing significant growth in its digital assets market. With a projected market volume of US$448.40 billion by 2028, Europe's fintech industry is poised for rapid expansion. 

Jovi Overo, Managing Director at Unlimit, emphasized the strategic significance of the partnership, stating, “This strategic move will offer clients a pathway to rapid growth and innovation, enabling European fintech businesses to lead the digital finance revolution."

Slava Ivashkin, Founder and CEO of Velmie, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, "We are thrilled to have found such a strong business and technological alignment in our partnership with Unlimit. This collaboration will expand our offerings and add value to our customers around the EU."

The partnership between Unlimit and Velmie marks a significant step forward for European fintech. By combining their strengths, they are offering a turnkey solution that caters to the diverse needs of the market. With plans to initially focus on the European market and expand to other markets in the future, Unlimit and Velmie are set to drive the next wave of innovation in the European fintech landscape.

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