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1X Technologies Secures $100M to Unveil NEO: The Soft and Safe Humanoid Robot

Mountain View, California, this powerhouse in humanoid robotics just hit the jackpot – a whopping $100M in Series B
January 15, 2024

In a world where giants like HondaSoftBankBoston Dynamics, and Tesla dominate the realm of humanoid robotics, Europe is carving its own niche with notable players like Pal Robotics and the Norwegian-born 1X Technologies. The latter, now based in Mountain View, California, has recently raised a whopping $100 million in Series B funding, captivating the tech world's attention. With Swedish VC EQT Ventures leading the charge, supported by new investor Samsung NEXT, existing backers Skagerak Capital, and the Nistad group, 1X Technologies is poised for a groundbreaking leap into the future of AI robotics.

Having previously secured $23.5 million in Series A2 funding from OpenAI and Tiger Global, 1X Technologies has amassed over $125 million in less than a year. This financial influx serves as a testament to the company's mission – producing safe and advanced androids on a commercial scale. Beyond meeting global labor demands, 1X Technologies aims to contribute to building an abundant society.

The funds raised in this latest round are not just for corporate pursuits; 1X Technologies is set to make a significant pivot into the consumer market with its second-generation android, NEO. Standing at 165 cm tall, weighing 30 kilograms, and designed with human-like motions, NEO mirrors the average height and weight of a person. What sets NEO apart, according to 1X Technologies, is its soft and inherently safe design, free from industrial pinch-points or hazards.

With fully dexterous hands capable of lifting up to 75 kilograms, NEO promises to be a versatile household assistant. Its muscle-like anatomy, in contrast to rigid hydraulics, makes it inherently safe, aligning with the company's commitment to providing a secure and user-friendly android for consumers. NEO's potential applications extend beyond domestic chores, offering support to individuals with mobility challenges and contributing to research in psychology and artificial intelligence.

As 1X Technologies prepares to unleash NEO into the consumer market, it signifies a pivotal moment in the evolution of humanoid robots. The convergence of safety, versatility, and a soft design positions NEO as a unique player in the AI robotics landscape. With the company's commitment to making androids that seamlessly collaborate with humans, 1X Technologies is not just envisioning the future; it is crafting it with innovation, purpose, and a touch of humanity. The countdown has begun for NEO's market release, promising a revolutionary step towards integrating androids into our daily lives.

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