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July 31, 2023

A/O PropTech Launches €250M Fund to Back Innovative Startups in the Built World

New frontier: €100M second fund! Exciting opportunities for startups in UK, Europe & NA

London-based A/O PropTech makes waves in the investment landscape with the first close of its second fund, securing an impressive €100 million of the targeted €250 million. The firm's unwavering focus is on backing promising startups in seed to Series B stages across the UK, Continental Europe, and North America. By fueling innovations that span the built world, from supply chain to digitization and AI, A/O PropTech aims to drive decarbonization, climate resilience, and energy transition. With an impressive track record of 22 startups funded in its first fund, the company is set to embark on another exciting chapter of shaping the future of the built environment.

Building on its remarkable success in 2020, A/O PropTech has raised the bar with the first close of its second fund at a staggering €100 million, setting its sights on a total of €250 million. As a dedicated investor, A/O PropTech targets startups at different growth stages, from seed to Series B, and welcomes promising ventures from key regions like the UK, Continental Europe, and North America.

The fund's ticket sizes are projected to range between €3 million and €8 million, with provisions made for follow-on investments, ensuring continued support for portfolio companies' expansion and growth. Naturally, seed and late seed rounds will gravitate towards the lower end of the range, while Series B stages will stand at the higher end. The investment allocation prioritizes early-stage companies, indicating higher reserves for these ventures compared to Series B rounds.

A/O PropTech embraces a wide spectrum of solutions within the built world. From supply chain and new materials to architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), and building operations and management, the fund seeks startups that drive advancements in decarbonization, climate resilience, electrification, energy transition, digitization, automation, and big data management. The fund's diverse investment approach spans across software, hardware, deeptech, and AI, reflecting its commitment to fostering innovation across the industry.

Looking back at its first fund, A/O PropTech supported an impressive portfolio of 22 startups, including notable names like Satellite Vu and Plentific. While the number of investments in the second fund remains undisclosed, the track record of the first fund demonstrates the firm's keen eye for transformative ventures in the built environment.

With the launch of its second fund, A/O PropTech reinforces its position as a leading investor in the built world's transformation. Armed with €100 million in the first close of its €250 million fund, the London-based firm seeks to empower innovative startups across seed to Series B stages in key regions. From revolutionizing supply chains to embracing AI and digitization, A/O PropTech's mission is to drive sustainable advancements in decarbonization, climate resilience, and energy transition. With an impressive portfolio from its previous fund, the firm is poised to continue shaping the future of the built environment and contribute significantly to the evolution of the tech ecosystem.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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