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Abundant IoT & TMR Join Forces for Rapid IoT Connectivity

Abundant IoT's clients enjoy the perks of tailored cellular insights and a versatile approach that guarantees top-notch
February 14, 2024

In a dynamic move poised to reshape the landscape of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, Abundant IoT, a trailblazing technology firm, has teamed up with CELLSMART, the cellular intelligence arm of SmartCIC, and Telecom Management Resources (TMR), a bespoke solutions provider. This strategic partnership aims to seamlessly integrate IoT solutions with Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), ushering in a new era of rapid deployment and unparalleled performance across North America.

Harnessing the expertise of CELLSMART and TMR, Abundant IoT is set to offer its clientele an unparalleled fusion of local cellular intelligence and cutting-edge FWA solutions. This collaborative effort promises to revolutionize IoT deployments by delivering high-performance networking with unprecedented speed and agility.

The convergence of FWA and IoT marks a pivotal moment for various industry verticals, with organizations recognizing the potential for rapid scalability and trusted connectivity. Toby Forman, CEO at CELLSMART, underscores the transformative impact of intelligence-driven FWA, emphasizing its ability to meet the evolving demands of enterprise ecosystems with unparalleled efficiency.

Vince Bradley, CEO of Abundant IoT, highlights the transformative capabilities of CELLSMART's offerings, citing its unmatched deployment speed and adaptability as key drivers of competitive advantage. As IoT and FWA adoption gain momentum, this collaboration sets the stage for accelerated business growth and technological advancement.

As Abundant IoT, CELLSMART, and TMR embark on this groundbreaking journey, they pave the way for a future defined by innovation and connectivity. By leveraging intelligence-driven cellular solutions, they empower organizations to navigate the complexities of IoT deployment with unparalleled ease and efficiency. With a commitment to driving industry transformation and exceeding customer expectations, this partnership heralds a new era of connectivity excellence in North America and beyond.

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